Tuesday, July 11


NEKO! The kitten's name is Neko which is Japanese for cat. Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with with Siam/Thailand but, then again, if we were being really specific the cat's name would be BUBBA.

I've been in Miami for the past couple of days depositing Tex and Bandit into the everloving arms of my in-laws. I hated living in Miami but visiting is a lot of fun. $1 for a Cuban cortadito that makes Starbucks taste like Sanka, ripe mangoes, the always amusing fashion parade AND a visit to my friend's(and former employer's) needlepoint/yarn shop....Anneke's Needleworks. She's moved into a bigger space which means MORE YARN!!! And more canvasses, if you've not completely forgotten how to needlepoint. Sooooo....yours truly, aka the Stash Queen of Travis County, is now the proud owner of a canvas that reads 'Have Needles, Will Travel.' As for the yarn, stay tuned for CSI:Miami---"Shopgirl Runs AMOK in LYS"


HPNY Knits said...

stash building globe trotter you!
show the loot

Bonnie said...

Love the name. Our dog's name is the Russian word for cat, Koshka.

Anonymous said...

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