Monday, July 31

Harlot in Church

Last Saturday, I saw Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee read at the Congess Avenue Baptist Church. This is a bit of an in-joke for Austinites, because there have always been hookers on south Congess Ave. WOW! There were about 200 knitters there, all shapes and sizes, predominately middle class, middle-aged and white. I mean really white, these gals either shun the sun or they're sporting SPF 60+. Sweater Project was there in a kilt--and god only knows how many other bloggers, because we all had digital cameras.
The reading was great and Stephanie is just as funny in person as she is in her books. It was a bit like stand-up comedy for knitters but not as manic. Afterwards, we hung out waiting to have our books signed. This was fun because you could see what everyone was else was working on. I was most impressed by the lace knitters who could stand and knit lace without a chart. When my turn came, I introduced myself as 'Team Cuba,' which was my Knitting Olympics team, and thought that only in these circumstances does this even make sense. She signed my book with 'Obsession is normal.' What was really impressive was that her writing was still legible after signing nine jillion books. STILL legible, people. AND she was in a good mood. Probably thinking about that ice cold Shiner Bock they were handing out!

It's so dang hot that I'm barely knitting, just a little bit on my Dubai stretch holey sock and I started a pullover with Habu silk stainless steel and silk yarn. I'm knitting up the Habu on size 8 needles and it has this sleek post-industrial grey vibe going on. Think 'nuclear winter.'


If I can't knit, at least I can look at the new fall issues of Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits. There wasn't a high swoon factor in either mag, which was a huge disappointment because the fall issue is the usually the biggest. I still have happy memories of Vogue Knitting's 20th anniversary issue, fall 2002.

Here's what I'm talking about...Interweave Knits, big needle Colinette mohair pullover, reverse stockinette border. Just what I need, a 5-inch border highlighting the widest part of my body. The funnel neckline on top of a raglan yoke would hide the one thin part I've got left--my neck. Is it me or has Interweave been using the same models forever? Maybe they a got 2-for-1 special; two years' modelling for the cost of one, who knows? There's an Annie Modesitt skirt that's cute in theory, but tough in practice. Knitted skirts have always vexed me. It calls for 12 skeins of Tilli Tomas silk yarns and I ain't shelling out $$$ to park my butt on hand-knitted silk. Beware: there are 2 Norah Gaughan patterns from Knitting Nature which means doublecheck IK and publisher's corrections pages before starting.Why do kids get the fun sweaters?

Let's move on to Vogue...well, the good news is that editorial finally remembered who their readership was, as in people who have voted in the last 5 elections. The bad news is that this hasn't prevented some truly alarming trends and godawful blurbs. 'HoboChic' is particularly cringing--a 70's nightmare of a spread. Here's Vogue's redhead in.....a Be Sweet mohair pullover--deep border, cowl neck. Gee, what's this? interview with Norah Gaughan. Lots of socks, oh joy! "Fall Trends" predicts a return to oversized and belted sweaters--be afraid, very afraid. On page 106, there is a model in a long tunic sweater with leggings.

I did like the cables in "Gray's Anatomy," although the one on the left did remind me a bit of this little black number from Rebecca #25 and uses a similar technique. I was positive there would be the Oscar de la Renta sweater, but no such luck. And here's the winner for the flat-out fugliest pattern in either mag:


Just Who the heck IS Twinkle?

I see this and think "Raggedy Ann Run Amok.'

I'll console myself with a shot of Alain Delon as the murderous Tom Ripley in "Plein Soleil/Purple Noon," now showing at BAM in Ft. Greene. Jude Law was cute in "The Talented Mr. Ripley," but Alain Delon deats the dookies out of Matt Damon on this one. trivia: Patricia Highsmith was born in Ft. Worth, TX--my hometown. Thank God, she escaped!


Emma said...

Hee! Loved your magazine round-up. Some of those patterns do look terribly unflattering. Thanks for the laughs.

And, yeah--I'm glad Highsmith escpaed too!

Annie said...

What a great picture of you and the Harlot! I wish she'd do a book signing in NYC. I think Interweave has been posting the most unflattering photos lately. Clearly the knits and the models do not match size wise and the photos are for shit. But I live with a magazine art director, I'm a snob. ;-)

Tanya said...

Matt Damon will NEVER be Le Delon, and leggings are the new gauchos.

Didn't you get your memo from the whacked out fashion gods?

Nice photo!

lobstah said...

Hilarious magazine reviews! Leggings--ugh! The only thing worse are these "skinny jeans" they keep showing. Yeah, like I really need to highlight my hips any further!

Bonnie said...

Cute pic with the Yarn Harlot! The sweater looks good too. I will be getting a chance to see her in Oregon so I am knitting away like a mad woman!