Saturday, July 22

Neko's Big Feet-24 Toes

OK, by popular demand here are a couple of shots of Neko's toes. Talk about catcher's mitts! Every time he's on his back legs I think of the Monty Python episode where the Siamese cat is marching through London calling "Dimsdale? Dimsdale?" Those details may be sketchy but I remember that image.

Catcher's Mitt
Six Toes

Look into my eyes...come to the Dark Side.

6666-Toed Kitten
Stay tuned for the new summer blockbuster
"The Cats from Brazil"

I will return to regularly scheduled knit blogging after the Tour de France.


lobstah said...

I'm so in love with your kitty! That last picture made me bust out laughing!

sgeddes said...

I cna't believe the mitts on that kitty. They look huge. Will he be a large cat?

Stefaneener said...

That is one sweet kitty. Does he go all boneless in the heat? Mine always did.

Leigh said...


he is so ridiculously cute!!!! and i love all his little toesies! my poly just has an extra on each foot with a couple little mutants in between, nothing like your twenty-four toed wonder here! i don't think i'll ever be able to have a normal-toed cat ever again... thanks for the great pics!!

Abigale said...
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