Wednesday, July 19

So You Think You Can Knit

To paraphrase Kirsty MacColl:(This is what you must have on your i-Pod when it's 100 degrees) "Not in this heat, honey."

Here are a couple of items from the Miami trip. I was so overwhelmed by Anneke's new space that I forgot to take pictures of her shop. I am a shameless shill for her, especially since I get to goof off at TNNA in San Diego with her, I turn her onto new yarns and I still get my employee discount. This feisty little red confection is Tilli Tomas 'Disco Lights' in Ruby Wine. I also got some Lang Opal Color in #64 to go with it for my Candy Barr tank top--we Texan gals can get away with boots and sequins. There's also a couple of skeins of Lang Jawoll Cotton Superwash sock yarn, #52, and , um, a bunch of Noro Tidori, color #7. I think I went into a coma or something as I even bought a couple of needlepoint canvasses. So, I kept circling around some really yummy wool/cotton yarn when Fraulein Anneke mentioned to me that not only was she working with it, she was making a crochet throw...and it was EASY. Now, to understand our history here you have to realize that we're Knitters with a capital K and it was with great relief that she hired someone who could crochet and handle all of 'those people.' So, when Anneke says she can crochet a throw that's throwing down the gauntlet bigtime. Here's the yarn:

It's Colinette's Prism, 100gms=120m, sno-cone colors. I bought the pattern book(there's a throw for Giotto, yay!) and this is what I've been doing while watching the Tour de France: The world's biggest Granny Square. Let me warn you that this little beginner project ain't cheap. Even I raised my eyebrows at the price of the 'Flapjack Throw' kit after my discount. Please, don't ask. The price would make me cringe if I didn't love it so much and it's perfect with the quilt I made for Bandit last year. I'm shopping the stash to make one to match the Lone Star quilt I made for Tex. I have also been busy finishing up some samples pieces for Anneke(talk about residual guilt) while watching the Tour de France in the mornings. I'm involved with a TdeF KAL on the Knitty boards and this is the first year that we haven't actually seen a stage or the finish in France. I took a gamble at the beginning of the race and committed to Caisse d'Epargne and, by gum, they're winning! My condolences to Floyd Landis, Phonak and the Discovery team but I really thought Alejandro Valverde was a sure thing until he crashed and broke his collar bone. Now Pereiro is in the yellow jersey--this is a shocker, even with a Tour full of them.

The DH is in NYC and the kiddoes are in Miami--Just wait until I tell you all about the bad TV I've been watching! Just who is Brooke Burke? And recipes for melon coolers and melon gazpacho. And I'm blocking the Giotto shrug. And I'm almost done with the Dubai sock #1. Oh, and did I mention it's 100 effing degrees outside?


sgeddes said...

That is the best looking granny square I've seen. I love the colors.

HPNY Knits said...

happy belated birthday by the way!
very scrumptious concoction, and delicious looking yarn.

HPNY Knits said...
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HPNY Knits said...
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lobstah said...

I love the granny square, it's beautiful!