Friday, August 11

Stop Mad Cowboy Disease

I saw that on a bumper sticker and had to laugh. We're gritting our teeth in this heat, even though we go through it every summer. My knitting is at a standstill, but I have been sewing all sorts of things. Curtains for the living room, matching cafe curtains with grommets for another window, one pencil-ish skirt in purple eyelet cotton, a wrap around sarong thingy in brown jersey. I'm ready for fall but have to dress in summer weight fabrics as it will be HOT for another 2 months.

I've been enjoying an empty house with the boys at camp until this week. My 88-year old aunt passed away (peacefully, in her sleep) and we had one of those big family reunion funerals. It was great seeing my brothers(fighting over UT Longhorn football tickets), cousins(we did not leave baby Caroline in the middle of the street for THAT long) and old family friends(um, yes, I used to be younger) but, I swear, crying wears me out. I slept for 10 hours after getting home.

The next day I had Neko at the vet to check out a possible eye infection when my cell phone rang. "This is Camp Longhorn and Bandit's had a little accident." Turns out my kid kneed himself so hard in the head (doing God knows what) that he had to have 3 stitches in his eyelid. It was a complete surprise, as it's usually Tex that gets stitches--he's up to 6 scars and counting. So, I get home with the cat and I'm on the phone chatting with my brother about this big news when Archie tears out the door with an empty plastic box in his mouth. Normally, I wouldn't bother but this was the box that held my sewing pins. A brand new box. I hang up and go hunting for the pins and they're nowhere to be found. I get the box out of Archie's jaws and look in the grass--nothing. Well, 3 x-rays and $200 later I can sleep better knowing that my dog has a clean system. The vet and I did have a nice chat about qiviuk--he was in Alaska last year and bought a knitted hat for a friend. You gotta love a vet who knows fiber and will x-ray your dog at 9 pm.

The mystery is just where are those pins?

We're about to head out the door for dinner at Fonda San Miguel with my homey Sarah and her husband. A couple of margaritas and then party's over. Pick-up time at camp is 8:30 am bright and early. The good news is school starts on Tuesday. Now I'm the one who needs to get back on schedule. Wips? What Wips?


Ceci said...

Aw, Mary. Sorry to hear about your aunt.

And Bandido's eye. And Neko's eye. And your pins.

Do you need some extra knitting buddy time?

lobstah said...

Sounds like you are having a crazy week. Hope everything quiets down soon.

Hilde C. said...

All those accidents in such a short time, I hope things are going well for all of you now :-)

HPNY Knits said...

where did the summer go?
LOVISELUND looks very sexy! i'll knit up so fast, blink and it'll be done!

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