Friday, August 25

YarnprOn and WIPpersnappers

Judi & Co. Corde, 'currant'
This molten river of rayon intensity is Judi&Co. corde, color 'currant.'

Judi&Co. Corde, 'currant'Sundara Yarn 'Hydrangea'
My plant is magically blooming, thanks to Sundara Yarn, Petals Collection superwash merino, 'hydrangea.'

Sundara Yarn 'Hydrangea'And now for a few wippersnappers, some new and some, er, less new. IK Spring 2006 was happy to oblige me with the Waterlily Top pattern for my Colinette Giotto, 'castagna.' I dropped the purl row and added eyelets instead--I'll think of them as portholes across the bow. Let's hope I don't yaw too much as I have also started Vogue Easy Knits, Fringed Scarf Coat with Anny Blatt Victoria 'chocolate' and mohair in 'chataigne.' I'll skip the scarf bit.

Colinette Giotto 'Castagna'Anny Blatt Victoria 'chocolate' and mohair (chataigne)Habu stainless cotton and silk yarns, pulloverSunrise Circle Jacket in progress

Then we have the steely Habu stainless/cotton and silk pullover with faithful Sunrise Circle Jacket waiting its turn. If Mother Nature would turn on the AC, I may get more knitting done. I've been sewing quite a bit and here's this little number that I saw here and here and on a couple of other blogs that I forgot to bookmark.

sewing project
Come, my dear, look into the crystal ball and tell me what you see. Does Mary finish the Giotto top or go awol? And what happened to Lovelund? Will Sunrise Circle Jacket ever see the light of day? And, what in Sam Hill will she do with the rayon corde? Who gets the hydrangea socks or how about a little baby jacket instead?

Ahhhhh....only the great Neko knows.

crystal ballNeko


Zonda said...

Wow! That yarn on the top is amazing! Nice petals collection too! WIP's, what would we do with out them ;)

aija said...

The rayon looks like a lake of electricity!!

turtlegirl76 said...

It does look like electricity! Very cool pic.

Hilde C. said...

OMG, that rayon! Wonderful pictures :-) And the Sundara yarn looks lovely this time as well, who needs flowers :-)

Marji said...

love those rayon pics on the macro setting. and the hydrangea color is so pretty. I"m starting to see finished sunrise circle jackets all over the place. Yours could be next?

HPNY Knits said...

talk about powerful macro baby! I love the richness of that rayon. I was bummed since my petal collection did not arrive before I left on my trip.
great WIP! I love the habu steel and have been wanting to do SOMETHING with it!
looking forward to FO Habu.

lobstah said...

Wow, that rayon photo is insane!
Everything looks great. Especially Neko.

Annie said...

Perhaps Neko will learn how to knit? Lovely yarn porn! And your WIP's WILL become FO's...someday! Woo hoo! :-)

Bonnie said...

Can't comment....too busy drooling over shiney aubergine yarn!

Ceci said...

You take such purdy pictures Miss Mary. One day, when I break into your home and rob you, I will be torn between carrying out a tub of gorgeous yarn or your sweet doggy. :) Say, we missed you on Sunday! I'm hoping this rain lately will keep things cooled off into fall. Mmmm, I'm dreaming of sweater weather...