Friday, September 22

Son, your mom's gone to the yarn shop...

Well, Son, your mom's gone to the yarn shop....
Alright, Already!
OK, I wasn't going to unleash the 'little people' shots until I had more amusing set-ups but it seems that Turtlegirl is a harsh taskmistress when it comes to her yarnpr0n Fridays. I bought a bunch of this Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton on sale at Patternworks for $3 a skein. I'm into 'all brown, all the time' these days so it's slotted to become some kind of cunning jacket/cardi or a shrug from the Knit2Together book.Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton

: I picked up "Greetings from Knit Cafe" and there are some nice classic sportswear patterns in there(Polo Shirt--in cotton--oh, yes). I fell in love with the Slouchy Cardigan which has prompted my break-up with the Somewhat Cowl. Yes, Somewhat Cowl, you are very cute and curvy but I'm feeling slouchy these days and that cardigan is way more practical for Austin. I promise to smile and wave whenever we meet on the street... it's not a 'you' thing, it's a 'me' thing. Stay in touch...honest.
Also, on the book front I picked up "Knit 2 Together" by Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark. Clark's New Zealand/English knitting background brings some nice retro touches to modern pieces with a few oddballs thrown in(knitted apron, witches' britches, gym slip dress--great for the slim and witty and not so much for the plump and grumpy). I've already bought purse handles for the 'Doctor's Bag', the shrugs are lovely and I'm hunting down a special baby girl for 'Daphne's Baby Cape,' although that girl may turn out to be me. Ullman contributes some funny stories and comments--she even knitted a tie for Jay Leno which really says she outed herself, ya know?
FAMILY: Yesterday I went up to my aunt's ranch with my cousin to check on things. My aunt was 88 and passed away about a month ago--she was one of those classic Texan ladies who could shoot a coyote in her flowerbeds with perfectly manicured nails. Once, I was rushing to interview Carolina Herrera in New York and ran into my aunt on the street. We both thought it was the most natural thing in the world to bump into each other. Ann Richards was an equally classic Texan lady but in a very different vein--I loved her Doritoes ad with Mario Cuomo and how she said his name with about 5 syllables. I was saved from getting all mopey when we discovered that the 50-year old deep freeze had well and truly bit the dust.

Now, this was the kind of deep freeze that you could park all the bodies in and so we tossed out geological layers of country living. First, the bags of ice, popsicles and ice cream. Next, assorted coffee tins of flour, sliced bread and hamburger buns. A couple of Tupperware containers with merengues and something labelled 'delicious turkey soup, Christmas 1999' towards the bottom. Somewhere in there, the Jurassic layer I think, was a small cardboard box full of half-frozen venison loin, sausage and stew meat. We cleaned the damn thing out, rinsed it with bleach and treated ourselves to lunch at Tealicious on the courthouse square in Burnet, TX--a real hotspot for the locals and some excellent homemade bread&butter pickles.

DOG&CAT: Archie was lonely yesterday as Neko was having his manhood diminished at the vet's. He also got his last round of shots and was microchipped. I wanted the chip to read "Give Him Back, Asshole" but the nurse said that it was pre-programmed with a number. Neko's recovering nicely and they will be playing shaolin showdown in no time. I can't help it--Neko's feet make me laugh every time. The ground practically shakes whenever he jumps off the table. Now....Go Home!
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HPNY Knits said...

hahaha... the little people are at it again!
brown is the new black for fall!!
check out this model your socks:

turtlegirl76 said...

Yay! Now that's more like it!

lobstah said...

Your freezer cleaning story made me laugh...reminds me of when my parents moved from their old house to their new house. My mom must've just dumped everything from the old fridge into a box and put it all in the new fridge. A year or so later, I was cleaning the fridge out (the one part of my parents' hosue that they really can't keep clean on their own!) and I found a block of cheese dated 1997 in the freezer...and I was cleaning in 2003. Gross, but I guess at least it was in the freezer section so it was preserved and not all moldy.

Annie said...

Your cats paws are HUGE! Holy cow. Hhahahaha! Love it! BA-BOOM! BA-BOOM! :-) Love the little people. You're so funny, Mary!

HPNY Knits said...

london knitting store situation has recently MUCH improved at evident by these 3:

but better still, it had occurred me that they'll all be at the market in Ali Pally!!
I can sense CC overheating already...