Tuesday, October 3

Saturday Night Lights on Tuesday

This is the 8 million dollar jumbotron so I-35 can watch replays.

It's not a myth that football is a religion in Texas. And it's not a myth that there is such a thing as burnt orange blood. I'm a fourth generation Longhorn alum and football fan. My mother once told me that I was conceived after the Texas/TCU game in 1962(UT won 14-0). The next year, I was born in Ft. Worth and UT won the national championship, a feat overshadowed by the assasination of JFK next door in Dallas. My oldest brother played for UT along with Earl Campbell in the 70's and we went to every single game in Austin. My reward for this loyalty is that periodically I get his letterman's tickets.

And so, last Saturday I took Bandit to watch UT casually mangle the Sam Houston State Bearcats like my dog rips squeakers out of his toys. Serious fans were occupied with watching our new QB, Colt McCoy(I am not making this up), throw some decent passes.

I was more interested in the swarm of players' girlfriends who sat in front of us. I knew they were The Girlfriends because they wore jerseys and buttons that said stuff like "#27 is my Boyfriend." These girls were petite and lean like whippets, but they did not look sweet. They all looked like they studied sports marketing, accounting, contract arbitration and game tapes in hopes of turning "#27 is my Boyfriend" into "#27 is my 1st-round Draft Pick and multimillion dollar husband." I dare not photograph them because, you know, #27 looks mean.The boyfriend looks like a nice lad.
Here's the band:
And here's Project Runway hot off the sidelines. Let's see: black leggings, belted off-the-shoulder white top, really big hair, huge purse. You can't see the kohl eyeliner or the gold flats, but they're there, believe me. The scary thing is that I think she may have been sporting this look for the past 20 years--that happens a lot to former high school cheerleaders. They get welded into whatever look they had when they were really popular and almost beautiful and two decades later it's "Married to the Slob."
And here I am doing my Matthew McConaughey version of the Hook'Em Horns sign.

So, of course, I'm watching "Friday Night Lights" tonight. It's in my blood.

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"Friday Night Lights” much was written, I did not see it- was it as good as they say?