Friday, November 3


A couple more skeins from the London Stash Express:
Colinette Parisienne and Rowan Silk Wool DK

Rowan Wool/Silk in 'Porcelain' and Colinette Parisienne fine kid mohair/nylon blend, color?

Highlights from Suburbia, 03/11/06

Cool Commando, the Energizer Bunny and some broad in a blonde wig went trick-or-treating on Halloween. The Bunny cleaned up bigtime, but the Blonde got a glass of wine from a neighbor.

15-year old washer that we have abused for only one year bit the dust. New front-loading washer AND matching dryer(white with black porthole) delivered next day. Resident non-users think it looks really cool. Head Laundress and Knitter mulls over the felting capabilities. Salvation Army removes old w&d next day before Knitter can come up with good reason for having a resuscitated 'felting' machine in the garage.

Tex's baseball team finally loses in the play-offs. If only Bandit's soccer team would choke, then I could get my life back.

South Beach Diet, Phase 1.5: Mr. Mary is looking more like Mr. Michelin Man so drastic measures have been taken--no carbs, no sugar, no fruit, no booze for 2 weeks. I could lose a few pounds before the holidays so I agree to join him, BUT as long as I can skip to phase 1.5--that's when I get to have 1.5 glasses of wine and he doesn't.

Forget the 80's: I clean out my closet and Goodwill gets 4 trash bags full of vintage Tweeds, J. Peterman and Neiman's Last Call cast-offs. Now, all of Austin will be sporting the newest trend--early 90's black with Nicole Miller/Cynthia Rowley prints.

I am working on stuff--the alpaca slouchy cardigan from Knit2Together and what I call 'The Lazy Knitter's Fingerless Gloves," which are worked sideways with a nifty slip stitch detail in A.L. Sauveterre's Estelle cashmere in 'Muench.' I think the final piece of the 'My Big Fat Cabled Sweater' pattern has arrived in the form of the Lang 'Fatto a Mano,' #155, pattern book. The cable pattern for #46(cover sweater) confirms what I've been doing all along--short rows on the big cable which is then picked up on the purl side. Sweater and/or pattern to come.

I learned how to spin on a drop spindle a couple of weeks ago at SnB.

Oh, that way madness lies...


turtlegirl76 said...

I was just coming back round the ring to lay the smack down on the non-pr0n-laden blogs and lo. You have made me proud once again. Beautiful shot.

HPNY Knits said...

ha ha ha, LOL,- I was a blond soccer mom for Halloween...
A.L. Sauveterre's Estelle cashmere- the yarn I covet the most. can't wait to see it. were did you get it?

Anna said...

The contrast of that beautiful Rowan is GORGEOUS! Great photos. Cute Halloween photo! :-D

lobstah said...

You are too funny! The costumes are great!

Garngamen said...

I love that colour combo.. Ahh, the London yarnstash was something else.... Great that you learned drop-spindel! It is not as hard as you would think to get going, but to make it great is difficult. Good Luck! (corageous to give clothes away).