Wednesday, December 20

Archie 6/8/05-12/19/06

My 10-year old wrote this yesterday after our beloved dog, Archie, ran into traffic and got hit by a car. He died instantly, for which I am grateful. I've got two broken hearted boys mourning their best friend with Christmas just days away. There will be other dogs in their lives, but Archie was the first. Goodbye, dear friend.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Death of Archie
Accidentally hit by a Car

Archie was the cutest, sweetest, most lovable, most trusting and best dog ever. He was my best friend. we liked to play around the yard, wrestle in the house, pet each other, go for walks, play keep away, play with Neko, run around and break stuff.

He was always nice and never mean. He was the softest dog ever and he had the most beautiful eyes, eyebrows and fur.

Sometimes Archie would chew up things like socks and stuffed animals, but we knew he was always playing.

Archie's dream would be to go to his favorite kennel and play with all the other dogs. I hope Archie is having fun with all the other dogs in heaven and knows we love him very, very much.


Scoutj said...

OH this is so sad. I'm so so so sorry. Love to you and your family.

sgeddes said...

I'm so sorry for your and the boys loss. Maybe you can get a photo ornament for the tree and put a picture of Archie in it for the boys as a little memorial. Good thoughts for you and the family.

Annie said...

Oh man. :-(

Bonnie said...

Ooooh Mary I am so very sorry. The furriest members of our families are often the most beloved.

I remember when I lost my beloved Georgie. It can be very tough. Your 10 year old is wonderful writer.

You, your family and Archie will be in my thoughts and prayers.

aija said...

I am so sorry for you and your family's loss.

kemtee said...

What a beautiful tribute.

lobstah said...

Oh no, Mary, I am so sorry. I wish pets could live forever, they are so precious :(
Take care.

Renee said...

Your son paints a clear and loving portrait of Archie. He's right. Archie did have wonderful eyebrows. What a very cool thing to notice.

I wish I could do a better job of writing about how sad this news makes me. Mostly, I just wish Archie was still around driving you to distraction with his multiple stuffed animal murders. I just wish Archie was still kicking it with your boys, breaking stuff and creating other general mayhem. He was a good dog for anyone. He was a great dog for you and your family.

Zonda said...

Sorry for your loss!

Margot said...

So sorry.

Beautiful eulogy.

Hilde C. said...

This was sad news, it's sad to loose a furry familymember. I'm sure he had a good life living in your family.

Marji said...

How sad, especially just before Christmas. Hugs to you and your boys