Friday, December 15

YPF: Strumpetini

Cheers, everyone!

My name's Strumpet and I'm Mary's inner elf. Do you have an elf name, too? Aw c'mon, honey, I bet you do. No? Well, try this! Oh, I could be Dixie Tinsel Toes, but, deep down inside, I'm Strumpet and when I need a glass of cheer I treat myself to a Strumpetini. Nothing like a little Plymouth Wild Thing to put the sparkle back in my smile, the twinkle back in my eyes and the snap back into my crackle and pop.
I've been a very busy little elf what with planning the office party in Lappland and all. I've even knitted up a couple of Loopy-done-lengthwise scarves to give the boys' teachers. Merlinthecat sent me the beautiful socks that she knitted up for my dh's present. Didn't you know that busy little elves delegate their knitting?(Thanks, mtc, I owe you big time.) I'm desperately trying to finish a grey pullover to replace the dh's 20-year old acrylic one that his mom bought him in Madrid. If I can tear him away from Old Faithful, I'll have a scored a huge victory for the handknitting community. In a fit of knitterly madness, my SnB buddy Robincat gave me the Lace Insanity top that she had knitted for her mother. Turns out it was a little big for her, but it fitted me perfectly. I can't remember which yarn she used but I love the shades of blues and greys and the lacework is, well, completely insane. Thank you very much, dear demented spinning enabling Robin.
Well, I'm off to don my gay apparel and see what 'ol Crumpet is up to. And remember, please don't drink and Lapp dance. That's my job!


Zonda said...

Hahaha!!! Love it!! You are so creative, and know just how to delegate too! :) Lovely scarves! I love the top also!

lobstah said...

That yarn is totally Rockette-rageous!
The loopy scarves are awesome, they look like they came from a high-end boutique :)

booglass said...

Since I am of the Hebrew persuasion my elf name is, Rosetta Glassbergstien.


HPNY Knits said...

I see the Xmas spirit is in the House! I LOVE it! lots of goodies. I love those scarves. how cool!

Garngamen said...

How cool! I really like that sweater. And you have a way to display yarn that is unique. But what to DO with that? I also have eyelash red. Just looked nice for christmas. Great scarfs. Scribble-lace is great!

entrelac said...

Mary (or Strumpet), Robin's lace insanity was knitted with Artyarns Ultramerino (I think that's the name, anyway), and a cotton blend for the crocheted edging.

Just so you'd know. :)