Friday, August 25

YarnprOn and WIPpersnappers

Judi & Co. Corde, 'currant'
This molten river of rayon intensity is Judi&Co. corde, color 'currant.'

Judi&Co. Corde, 'currant'Sundara Yarn 'Hydrangea'
My plant is magically blooming, thanks to Sundara Yarn, Petals Collection superwash merino, 'hydrangea.'

Sundara Yarn 'Hydrangea'And now for a few wippersnappers, some new and some, er, less new. IK Spring 2006 was happy to oblige me with the Waterlily Top pattern for my Colinette Giotto, 'castagna.' I dropped the purl row and added eyelets instead--I'll think of them as portholes across the bow. Let's hope I don't yaw too much as I have also started Vogue Easy Knits, Fringed Scarf Coat with Anny Blatt Victoria 'chocolate' and mohair in 'chataigne.' I'll skip the scarf bit.

Colinette Giotto 'Castagna'Anny Blatt Victoria 'chocolate' and mohair (chataigne)Habu stainless cotton and silk yarns, pulloverSunrise Circle Jacket in progress

Then we have the steely Habu stainless/cotton and silk pullover with faithful Sunrise Circle Jacket waiting its turn. If Mother Nature would turn on the AC, I may get more knitting done. I've been sewing quite a bit and here's this little number that I saw here and here and on a couple of other blogs that I forgot to bookmark.

sewing project
Come, my dear, look into the crystal ball and tell me what you see. Does Mary finish the Giotto top or go awol? And what happened to Lovelund? Will Sunrise Circle Jacket ever see the light of day? And, what in Sam Hill will she do with the rayon corde? Who gets the hydrangea socks or how about a little baby jacket instead?

Ahhhhh....only the great Neko knows.

crystal ballNeko

Tuesday, August 22

M Stands for Meetings

The boys have their new school supplies all labeled and the bulletin board is filling up with fliers and announcements. In a rare fit of school spirit, I volunteered to be co-chair, Library Liaison, for the PTA. I was reassured that there would no meetings or fundraising. Well, I just got back from our first Services Committee meeting where I made the crucial mistake of not bringing my knitting. I did grab what I thought was a sock but turned out to be my frogged Lovelund waiting to be recast on. The general discussion went off-topic for about 20 minutes and that's when I hit the door. There's a good reason why I don't sign up for stuff...

My mother was the president of the Ft. Worth Junior League back in the 70's and I was dragged to more meetings than I care to remember. My preteen years were spent folding endless numbers of mimeographed sheets and stuffing them into envelopes in a small room at the Scott Theatre. There was this white porcelain roller thing that held water. You took a postage stamp, wetted it, and then affixed it to the envelope. Next! A big improvement was when my mom discovered the wet sponge method and later the bulk mailing machine. Sometimes, I got to play with some other child hostage and we'd take turns trying to get money out of the vending machines. My childhood was filled with my mom's volunteer work...the Child Study Center(coolest playground) where I got to see Mr. Peppermint with all the disabled kids, Mayfest (great food), the DFW Airport gala opening (running around empty terminals) and later bus trips to the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant with senior citizens when my mom got a paid gig(thank you, ERA) at the electric company.

So, yeah, I'm not a big joiner upper EXCEPT for my North Austin SnB group(a chaotic free-for-all of knitting, yarnprOn, tips, random kids and pets). Looks like it runs in the family....

Stay tuned for WIP update and yarnpix...I promise!

edited to add: Mr. Peppermint is the father of Gibby Haynes, one of the founding Butthole Surfers. One of my cousins was married to another one. Six degrees, eh?

Friday, August 11

Stop Mad Cowboy Disease

I saw that on a bumper sticker and had to laugh. We're gritting our teeth in this heat, even though we go through it every summer. My knitting is at a standstill, but I have been sewing all sorts of things. Curtains for the living room, matching cafe curtains with grommets for another window, one pencil-ish skirt in purple eyelet cotton, a wrap around sarong thingy in brown jersey. I'm ready for fall but have to dress in summer weight fabrics as it will be HOT for another 2 months.

I've been enjoying an empty house with the boys at camp until this week. My 88-year old aunt passed away (peacefully, in her sleep) and we had one of those big family reunion funerals. It was great seeing my brothers(fighting over UT Longhorn football tickets), cousins(we did not leave baby Caroline in the middle of the street for THAT long) and old family friends(um, yes, I used to be younger) but, I swear, crying wears me out. I slept for 10 hours after getting home.

The next day I had Neko at the vet to check out a possible eye infection when my cell phone rang. "This is Camp Longhorn and Bandit's had a little accident." Turns out my kid kneed himself so hard in the head (doing God knows what) that he had to have 3 stitches in his eyelid. It was a complete surprise, as it's usually Tex that gets stitches--he's up to 6 scars and counting. So, I get home with the cat and I'm on the phone chatting with my brother about this big news when Archie tears out the door with an empty plastic box in his mouth. Normally, I wouldn't bother but this was the box that held my sewing pins. A brand new box. I hang up and go hunting for the pins and they're nowhere to be found. I get the box out of Archie's jaws and look in the grass--nothing. Well, 3 x-rays and $200 later I can sleep better knowing that my dog has a clean system. The vet and I did have a nice chat about qiviuk--he was in Alaska last year and bought a knitted hat for a friend. You gotta love a vet who knows fiber and will x-ray your dog at 9 pm.

The mystery is just where are those pins?

We're about to head out the door for dinner at Fonda San Miguel with my homey Sarah and her husband. A couple of margaritas and then party's over. Pick-up time at camp is 8:30 am bright and early. The good news is school starts on Tuesday. Now I'm the one who needs to get back on schedule. Wips? What Wips?