Thursday, November 30

Goodie Bag RAK

I'm reorganzing the Yarncave/guestroom and have realized that I have many, many, MANY lovely yarns that will never make it to a project bag. The poor dears didn't even make it to 'Flash Your Stash' because they're junior varsity and only the starters got photographed. In a rare fit of knitterly altruism, I want to turn my Destash into a RAK. I was going to peruse the Knittyboard RAK list, but I have no idea if they're up to date or not. So I'm going to mail a Goodie Bag of yarn to anyone who contacts me. Send me your list and I'll put together a Goodie Bag most fitting to your likes. There may be enough for a project or a scarf--you take a chance on the amount. I will ship domestic and internationally via US Post.

A couple of things:
This is for yarn ONLY. Please, please do not leave your info as a comment.

I would like to help students and those who have limited access to different yarns and/or stash cash.


1. List your top 3 fave colors.
2. List your top 3 hate colors.
3. List any fibers you're allergic to. Really allergic, not pretend--otherwise, everyone would put acrylic.
4. List 3 fibers you use the most.(cashmere doesn't count)
5. E-mail your name, mailing address and list to me at: This is strictly for the Goodie Bag RAK and will not be used for any other purposes at all EVER.
6. I will e-mail you only if I have a question.

I estimate that I have enough for about 20-30 goodie bags.
I will try to make the best matches. There is some shiny stuff, a bit of wool and some lightweight blends, cottons, railroad ribbon, matte/shiny ribbon and even French acrylic with various oddballs. Not all have labels. I would focus more on color than fiber.

Let the fun begin!

Saturday, November 25

YUM! Leftovers....

Just a little something to nibble on until next Friday.;)

Wednesday, November 15

Reddy WIPs

I've given up waiting for Ty Pennington to march in and magically transform the spare bedroom from the black hole of Crapcutta to multi-purpose YarnCave Extraordinaire. I hit critical mass last week when I kept finding projects in one spot, the yarn in another and the original pattern somewhere else. Not to mention the piles of 'Real Simple' and knitting mags strewn about with a path carved out to the computer. I think I turned the corner after watching a show on DIY where a woman had some kind of intervention in her craft room with a clutter consultant--it involved throwing out masses of dusty dried flowers, a ton of baskets, copious tears and God only knows how many doodads and junk. So, here's where we stand so far: On the left is the practically empty YarnCave and on the right is my living room now housing all this....stuff. Luckily, Mr. Mary has bounced off to NYC on a business trip and I've got a couple of days to get this organized before strangers show up with a camera crew.
My dog, Archie, specializes in the onsite burial of plastic bottles, Crocs and underwear in our backyard. Now he has added Sundara sock yarn to his list.

This a boucle cardi that I knitted in Paris using La Droguerie yarn and pattern. Apparently, French women have smaller arms and torsos than I do. I, on the other hand, have a smaller brain for not realizing that the pattern would end up making a petite and not a plus grande Americaine. So, I have ripped out the ribbing and buttonband and will reconstruct it, adding a batik lining as the wool is a bit itchy for 'ol Scratchy here.

Ah, this little beauty is one half of my fingerless gloves made from A.L. de Sauveterre's cashmere in 'muench' colorway. All I did was knit up a rectangle using a slip stitch pattern and then ran the seam up on the the thumb side, with a 2-inch opening in the middle. Picked up stitches on dpns for a snappy red ribbing and now I have one warm hand waiting for its partner to catch up.
Here's holiday gift #1--woohoo! The cobweb frill was made with Artful Yarns 'Broadway'in Molly Brown and the scarf knitted up with a simple Turkish stitch using Classic Elite Inca Alpaca. I would not recommend using mohair for a cobweb frill as the stitches latch onto each other, but with a bit of gentle tugging it can be done. One down and about 5 more to go!

NEKO aka Sneako

Neko is a teenager these days and has taken to gallivanting around the neighborhood. I just found out recently that he spends most of his spare time sunbathing at the neighbor's pool next door, running up a huge bar tab and flexing his muscles at the other cats. He's getting a kitty pi bed for Christmas, but ONLY if he lays off the sauce.

Thursday, November 9

YPF: Midterm Elections

Midterm elections

Rowan 4-ply Soft, 'honk' and 'bluebird.'

Friday, November 3


A couple more skeins from the London Stash Express:
Colinette Parisienne and Rowan Silk Wool DK

Rowan Wool/Silk in 'Porcelain' and Colinette Parisienne fine kid mohair/nylon blend, color?

Highlights from Suburbia, 03/11/06

Cool Commando, the Energizer Bunny and some broad in a blonde wig went trick-or-treating on Halloween. The Bunny cleaned up bigtime, but the Blonde got a glass of wine from a neighbor.

15-year old washer that we have abused for only one year bit the dust. New front-loading washer AND matching dryer(white with black porthole) delivered next day. Resident non-users think it looks really cool. Head Laundress and Knitter mulls over the felting capabilities. Salvation Army removes old w&d next day before Knitter can come up with good reason for having a resuscitated 'felting' machine in the garage.

Tex's baseball team finally loses in the play-offs. If only Bandit's soccer team would choke, then I could get my life back.

South Beach Diet, Phase 1.5: Mr. Mary is looking more like Mr. Michelin Man so drastic measures have been taken--no carbs, no sugar, no fruit, no booze for 2 weeks. I could lose a few pounds before the holidays so I agree to join him, BUT as long as I can skip to phase 1.5--that's when I get to have 1.5 glasses of wine and he doesn't.

Forget the 80's: I clean out my closet and Goodwill gets 4 trash bags full of vintage Tweeds, J. Peterman and Neiman's Last Call cast-offs. Now, all of Austin will be sporting the newest trend--early 90's black with Nicole Miller/Cynthia Rowley prints.

I am working on stuff--the alpaca slouchy cardigan from Knit2Together and what I call 'The Lazy Knitter's Fingerless Gloves," which are worked sideways with a nifty slip stitch detail in A.L. Sauveterre's Estelle cashmere in 'Muench.' I think the final piece of the 'My Big Fat Cabled Sweater' pattern has arrived in the form of the Lang 'Fatto a Mano,' #155, pattern book. The cable pattern for #46(cover sweater) confirms what I've been doing all along--short rows on the big cable which is then picked up on the purl side. Sweater and/or pattern to come.

I learned how to spin on a drop spindle a couple of weeks ago at SnB.

Oh, that way madness lies...