Friday, January 19

YPF: Grey and Icy

Patons Shetland Chunky 'Thunder Marl' is the yarn I'm using to make 'Old Faithful.' it is a 75%acrylic/25%wool blend that is surprisingly soft and machine washable. 'Ratty Old Faithful' is 60%acrylic/40%wool, so I don't think the new sweater will be too much of a shock for Mr. Mary. I'm on the first sleeve and really hope I can get the second one done this weekend so I can move on with my knitting life. You know, alpaca, cashmere...uh, COLOR would be nice.

We have thawed out from the "Not That Big a Deal" ice storm of 2007, but I did manage to take a few pics.

The boys are finally back in school, the DH at the office and I'm free to resume my normal routine. YIPPEE! I joined a gym about a week ago. (It's true, Hila.)It's for women only and it's where all the softbodies in sloppy t-shirts and baggy shorts in my neighborhood go. The hardbodies have personal trainers or go somewhere like Crunch or Ouch, look good wearing bike shorts and respond well to people yelling out numbers. In another life way before kids, I was a bit like that. I had an executive membership at the YMCA in Washington, DC which had a separate locker room from the plebes. I would march in after work and pound away in an aerobics class, swim laps or put 50 minutes on the treadmill set at max, followed by a million push-ups and crunches with little interaction with any of the other women. No more. I am quite happy to chat with my cohorts and catch up on neighborhood news while going around the timed circuit of various machines. Gravity aside, age does have its privileges .....!


Ava said...

GREAT photos!

Anonymous said...

Even if it does lack color, at least its a pretty grey. :)

Love the ice pictures!

Ceci said...

hahaha! Your icy flamingo is the BEST ice picture I've seen so far.

(When can I come love up Chuy?)

Anonymous said...

Wow, very nice yarny pics!! Love the icy pictures!

I can so relate to the working out before kids LOL!! Good luck! :)

Anna said...

That Shetland Chunky is beautiful! I hope you and your fam are staying warm. The snow and ice have been terrible lately.

Garngamen said...

Im such a softbody in sloppy baggy... well, great story as always, I do agree, age has privs. And you seem to have it great. Weather seems to fit the new sweater.which reallylooks great, I like the colour. soft and very pleasing. Cuddly! And sneak the labradoodle a swedish meatball from me. And, yeah - you are my great Clean up the cave insipiration for me. Hail to you! Somehow yarnstuff is easier to get inspiration from than a gym... Hmm. I also need Hila!

Anonymous said...

I love that flamingo photo!
Good luck with the gym thing :)