Wednesday, February 21

Fashion Week Victim Scarf

Theory and Practice
Finished size: 6x50," unblocked
Yarn: 2 bags Tandy Leather Crafts Mandala Wool/Roving, approx. 30 yds./$20
Needles: size 50/25mm
Gauge: 1 st=2", 1 row=1"
Weight: 1lb,5oz/600 gms

Cast on 4 stitches. Slipping the first stitch of each row, work in st st until a foot or so of wool is left. BO. Fling with caution.

Zsa Zsa says she would use this to dope-slap Prince Frederic after the funeral.


Faerynuff said...

Brilliant, simply Brilliant!

Annie said...





Yes, fling with caution, you slave to fashion. LOVE IT!

lobstah said...

That is awesome. I'm amazed that size 50 needles exist. I was going to ask if you had used broomsticks to knit it!

Robin said...

Mary, Mary, Mary.... what can I say? That's such a great picture of a 1.25lb scarf.

artinreality said...

Oh my God! I'm totally in love with your scarf! It is a true beauty! Way to go!