Friday, February 23

YPF: Black Leather Cord

Shown on Rowan Big Wool.Black leather cord on Rowan Big Wool
I bought 4 spools of this to crochet a pillow for the living room. What? You were thinking 'black leather bustier' from the Citibank identity theft commercials? Oh, please, this is suburbia, not the The Chicken Ranch SAHM reunion.
"Simple Crochet," by Erika Knight will be my guide in this endeavor. I may back the pillow with another crochet piece using butcher's twine, in lieu of black velvet. I'm mulling over the potential effect of Neko's 24 claws on it. Speaking of which, here's Chuy giving Neko a big hug.Chuy and NekoNow, isn't that sweet, they're color coordinated!

Last Sunday, the AT&T Austin Marathon passed through the neighborhood. The race route went right in front of the Episcopal Church, so they sent a priest out to bless the runners. Across the intersection was a group of drummers from a local high school which made for a Mardi Gras-esque atmosphere.Blessing of the runnersAnd Spring must be coming because I saw this guy in the front yard. It's a Downy Woodpecker, I believe, but all you birdwatchers can correct me on this one.
Downy WoodpeckerI will leave you with a couple of clues to one of my current projects. It involves hot pink vinyl and gold braid.


HPNY Knits said...

love the animal shots. you captured them so well! priceless!

Hilde C. said...

The Erika Knight book is really inspiring - I can't wait to see the pillow - so please hurry up ;-)

knitannie said...

I'm intrigued both by your clues and by what this cushion is going to turn out as.

tatjana said...

Ooh ooh! Is it a thong? A pink and gold thong? ;D Ok, I can dream can't I? But really, you should reconsider about knitting a bustier, that would be the bomb!! Chuy and Neko are just darling, that's a great shot you took of them :)