Friday, February 9

YPF: Handspun Merino

merino handspun

Merino handspunAmazing what fiddling with the light setting will do with the same yarn. It's cold and grey and I'm fighting the same bug that has spread across the state. Thanks to UPS tracking, there's a very special box making its way to my house...MY NEW WHEEL!

I have been obsessively looking at wheels on the web for the past couple of months and reading up on the pros and cons of different models. During this process, I became less and less shocked by the prices. I started justifying the cost versus other items in our budget, as in I made three different sets of curtains for the house(BIG savings), I bought some sweatpants at Goodwill(BIG savings), I drink cheap wine(ok, no savings there), I could see a shrink but I don't (phantom savings), if I work out enough I can fit back into my old clothes and not buy anything new(future phantom savings), and my children can get their college degrees online and live at home(huge future savings with immense negative fallout). Then my practical self asked my compulsive self, "Will this make you happy? I mean, really happy?"
"REALLY REALLY REALLY HAPPY!" was the response. Knitting self has been pouting ever since.

So, today a piece of exquisitely made wooden furniture that happens to spin yarn has arrived at the airport and is making its way across Austin. Can you spinners guess what I got?
Here's a hint: cotton, bamboo and silk blends. The winner gets a virtual pat on the back. This ain't bingo night at church, people.

The downside is that I won't get to play with it until tomorrow. We're having some friends over for our annual Martinis and Meatloaf dinner. So I better catch a quick nap before the hungry mob arrives. Neko has decided to invade the Ottoman Empire.
Neko sprawls


Zonda said...

Nice!!! Love it! Congrats on getting your new wheel! And since I have absolutely no clue about wheels, have no idea what you did get! ;)

HPNY Knits said...

the spaghetti merino is delicious!
I am so excited for you about the wheel! I can't wait to see it- you using it -stuff you spin with it!!! I'l be checking in on ya' Sat am...

I could not stop laughing at your savings! today I passed on getting new walking shoes for future yarn purchase...
but knitting self should not pout! the lovely stuff to come out of the wheel will be great to knit.

Annie said...

Pat on the back! Heh heh *snort* I know nothing about wheels but will take the pat.

Hilde C. said...

The photograph at the top - sigh - soooo beautiful!

Congratulations! I understand you are really, really serious about the spinning. I'm looking forward to see the result.

I just loved the idea of phantom savings and future phantom savings. I think I will adobt that idea imediately :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow again, and you are spinning nice and fast. Very very nice. And a wheel does makes things faster.... Fun! And as usual, great pictures. Im so glad for you, all that fiber-fix, it is such a zen-feeling to spin.
/Garngamen (from other computer...)