Friday, March 30

YPF: Ashland Bay Handspun

Well, alrighty then. Here's the Ashland Bay all revved up and ready to go. This picture came closest to the actual color:
Ashland Bay merino/tussah handspun

And now let us celebrate that special time of year that I call "The Bluebonnet Buttprint Parade."
(warning: multiple mentions of the word 'butt.')
Every spring, our state flower blooms in profusion along highways and county roads across Texas. This particular patch is in my neighbor's yard. Anyway, with the arrival of the bluebonnets comes scores of parents who dress their children up in matching outfits and pose them on the bluebonnets for their Taste 'o Texas Easter photo to give to Papa Grande, MeeMaw and Uncle Butter. The children fidget and cry while Dad tries to get the 18-wheelers out of the frame. He shakes a bit every time one of them roars by and has to refocus over and over again. Lil' Cassidy gets stung by a bee and Billy Bob, Jr. won't smile anymore because the sun is in his eyes. The whole deal turns sour and the family loads up and leaves....buttprints all over the bluebonnets.

I happened to see a couple of buttprint candidates when I went to the doctor's earlier this week. I was waiting to get a blood test when a mother walked in with her toddlerette. The mother was clad in tight jeans, sneakers, a camouflage sweatshirt with a matching camouflage purse.
"Bug Butt, don't kick that lady's purse!" was the first thing out of her mouth as the little offender took a whack at my brand spanking new orange leather Hermes Birkin bag copy that I just bought in Buenos Aires. I calmly kept working on my Granny Pentagon(3 dc, ch1, 3dc, ch1 and breathe and breathe) when the whole waiting room was invaded by the tinny music of the Chipmunks singing the "Macarena."
"You wanna dance, honey? You love this song!" prompted Mama Bug Butt as BB, Jr. looked for another target.
The door opened and a nurse with a peroxide afro called my name. As I got up, I noticed that the nurse was fanning herself doubletime and her eyes were really big. Alarmed, I held my breath, thinking that the previous patient had a bout of, well, bugged butt.
"Are you ok? I asked her.
"Oh, they just sneak up on me out of nowhere!"
"Um, what does?" So, maybe she had one breakfast taco too many. It happens.
"Those darn hot flashes and I can't do a thing about 'em!" The nurse replied as she eyed my arm for a vein. I closed my eyes and thought "3 dc, ch1, 3dc, ch1 and breathe and breathe."

I've cast on for Sahara. There may be an error in the pattern as it seems she has the order of the left and right fronts switched. In my experience, if you are on the RS and are knitting, you work across the left side first. (EDITED TO ADD: And this is worked from the top down.) I'll leave it to the angry hordes at Sexy Knitter's Club to jump on that one. So far, the numbers are good and the Tilli Tomas is knitting up quite nicely.


HPNY Knits said...

the blues are lovely!
nasty business at the dr office. hope you are well!

Zonda said...

Wow! Who knew how amazing that little bunch of fiber could turn out!! Gorgeous!! Hope you are better! :)

Batty said...

That is such pretty yarn! I'm amazed.

HPNY Knits said...

I just found this blog with Sahara: