Friday, March 23

YPF: Natural and Neutral

The cream and brown are some handspun llama yarn that I bought in Esquel, Patagonia, Argentina. The Argentinians have a different accent than other South Americans. This was never more apparent than when I asked the woman at the shop about this yarn. She replied, "Shama."
"Shama? Que tipo de animal es eso?" I asked in my best TexMex gringo accent.
" un animal muy tipico de este region...como una cabra pero mas grande, con un cuello muy largo."
I had a long think about about this until I realized that she was saying 'llama,' which involves a whole other pronunciation in non-Argentine Spanish. Anyway, I bought 720 gms of it, which should be enough for....God only knows.
The grey is 'cabra' or goat. As to what kind and if it's blended, I have no idea. Only that I've got 190 grams and it's all very soft and squishy with a very slight greasy feel. The total bill for this Patagonian blowout came to $26.

A friend mentioned guanaco yarn, but I couldn't find it. To be honest, I'd rank guanaco as a collector's yarn in terms of price and availability, like qiviut and vicuna. Mysterious, compelling and expensive, but a fiber that demands a pre-nup before you cast-on.

Suburban shocker: I'm gone only a week and the neighborhood is up in arms about one thing or another. First, the priest at the Episcopal church down the street was two-timing two different women and proposed to each. This would have been his 3rd marriage(hey, they invented divorce!) and he got special permission until the church realized what Father Hanky-Panky was up to. Now, he's got a desk job with no pulpit in sight for 3 years. Can't wait to get an update from the Methodists across the street.

OK, so my nice neighbor sold his 50's one-story house. Good for him. The big news is that it is scheduled to be torn down NEXT WEEK. I am so pissed off because a) it's nesting season (I'm not a huge tree hugger, but we have several pairs of cardinals plus wrens and sparrows househunting right now) and b) I just know it's going to be some 2-story 'Tuscan' nightmare, despite what the new owner has said. There is a moratorium on McMansions in our zip code, but that won't prevent the new owner from building a 2-story house on a street dominated by lowslung 50's ranch style homes.

One oddball note is that another neighbor(the one with a 5-foot tall rooster on her roof) just cut down a dead tree in her front yard and left a sizeable stump. We were all admiring the stump (slow day) when I mentioned that I still had some vinyl and foam from my Bollywood beautification project. Ta-Dah! I have been commissioned to upholster said stump as soon as the weather clears. My evil scheme to spread hot pink vinyl across my zip code continues apace. Gee, maybe our new neighbors should get in on this.....

You haven't experienced real Texas rodeo entertainment until you see Whiplash and Bud perform their act at the Star of Texas Fair&Rodeo. PETA forces Whiplash to take a time-out every once in awhile, but that damn monkey keeps escaping from Weatherford.

Honey, I just need to calm my nerves with a little remedial therapy, er, knitting session and go find that pink vinyl in the garage.


Zonda said...

Beautiful yarns! Interesting neighborhood you live in!

Hilde C. said...

Who needs television with an interesting neighbourhood like that. I've never heard of guanaco before, but I will probably have vivid dreams about it when I go to sleep tonight :-)

Garngamen said...

What a trip! What yarn! That is really something! Wow how impressive. Pictures and buying it yourself. I would have freeked out totally so you got guanaco... It is on my dream-list of yarn! Together with opossum! Ohh you lucky you. Tell me again how great it is in Texas. "Must find conference in Texas!" take care Mary, and thanks for your comments!

Batty said...

Great yarn!

As a regular attendee of an Episcopal church, I confirm that there's always something interesting and dramatic going on in our neck of the woods (though we didn't invent divorce, Roman law already has it). Some people just shouldn't be priests, regardless of gender or religion.

Go calm your nerves with yarn. It works wonders. Maybe if that guy knit, he wouldn't be in trouble.

lobstah said...

That yarn looks yummy!
The whole tear-down-and-build-something-
completely-inappropriate trend makes me so mad. What, pray tell, is wrong with a (presumably smaller) ranch house that was probably built with more quality than anything you can get today? If you want a giant house, buy one or build one! Don't wreck a neighborhood...grr! (Can you tell this is one of my sore points?)