Friday, April 6


Thank-you to everyone for your condolences and kind words about the loss of Neko. He was the first cat I've had in 20 years(no-pet apartments and lots of moves) and, therefore, was even more special to me. The boys tried to cheer me up when they said "Wow, Neko's going to be in for a big surprise when he gets to heaven!" 'Why is that?" "Archie!!!"

I distracted myself from fetal position moping by knitting non-stop. Day and night. Lots of DIY and CNN. I didn't make my deadline which was just as well. I don't think my husband needed Carmen Miranda at his reading, just a bookish body to fill a chair. And, without further ado, I present SAHARA:

Sahara from stitchdivaSahara from stitchdiva
remind me to always walk around with my arms in the air--does wonders for the silhouette


Pattern: Sahara from stitchdiva.
I used Tilli Tomas Disco Lights, 'Ruby Wine,' for the whole piece. 240 gms total, straight from the stash--yay!
Size: Large
Gauge: 6st=1", 7 rows=1" on a size 6(4 mm) needle after light blocking and wearing.
length: 22.5" I made it shorter than the pattern. It was a judgment call not to have a sparkly red line bisect my generous posterior.

I had 4 skeins from 2 different dyelots/shops. I started with the lighter of the two and then alternated yarns across the bust before finishing with the darker shade with a touch of pooling. I think there were more sequins in the darker batch--at least it looks that way in the pix. I didn't change the shaping at all and, as a 36C, I'd suggest you give her measurements a long, hard look. The negative ease is factored in, but I wouldn't want this any more fitted than it is. I did split the bottom edge, working both sides back and forth, for a more tunic type look (due to a small waist and bodacious hips.) Now here comes the fun part:

I originally worked the front and back with the Diamond Rib pattern as called for, without changing needle size. There was a "p3 sts tog TBL" that nearly buried me with all those damn sequins. I tinkered with it, added an extra row of ribbing to get "k3 sts tog TBL." I don't know, it just didn't make my heart sing. I also thought that once the silk relaxes I'll have a splayed ribbing, even if I did work it on smaller needles as instructed. Sooooo, I grabbed my crochet hook and got busy. I'm no crochet genius, so I just did a row of single crochet with a few rows of double crochet topped off by a final row of half double crochet. One thing I really love about crochet is that it's self-finishing.

Sahara, crochet detailSahara, crochet detail

Eureka! This gave me a nice geometric mesh and a firmer edge. Think Moroccan tiles, the Alhambra and Naguib Mahfouz novels.

Now, how does it feel? Like a hairshirt for fashionistas.
Or the first ever knitted top that buffs while you shine.
Anyhoo, everyone needs a little ruby wine in their life, n'est pas?
Happy Spamarama everybody!


Thea said...

how can there be 0 wisecracks and comments? Amazing sweater, Mr. Mafouz is proud and happy you thought of him. It fits you like a glove - sorry it may feel like a hairshirt for fashionistas (loved that) And yes, we should all walk around with our arms in the air - automatic 10 lbs gone (and armfat amazingly invisible!)Enjoy...

Robin said...

Damn, that was fast! It's beautiful, too.

knitannie said...

Hey that looks great. Your mods are a treat too, I love the tunic looks

Annie said...

Fabulous top! Well done. Buff and shine, eh? Hey, who needs a salt scrub anyway?

Zonda said...

Just awesome!! I love it! It looks great on you! Dance away! :)

Renee said...

A lovely, beautiful top for a lovely, beautiful woman.

HPNY Knits said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! and looks beautiful on. just fab!
you can SEE how warm it is there while our temp dipped to 35ยบ with flurries in the forecast for Easter. yak.
too bad... Carmen Miranda at a reading saves the day... hope it went well.

Garngamen said...

Wow, now I understand bling bling.. That glitters. Hey, your blog has been busy lately, great spinning (and sorry about cat) but you, you look like a moviestar! Really! wow, dance for us! And the detail and finishing. Champ-knitting.

lobstah said...

Oh wow, that is so beautiful! Really spectacular!

tatjana said...

OMG! That looks fabulous!! I love love love it. I think your crochet looks better than the original pattern and the colour....well I could just go on for days about the colour ;)

ZantiMissKnit said...

Wow!! That is so hot! I love the mods you made to it.

MayaB said...

Simply wonderful!

Bonnie said...

Fantastic and gorgeous! I LOVE it!

Marji said...

I'm lovin' it! Sahara Is on my list - LOL, the list is longer even than my stash is SABLE