Friday, May 4

Anyone home?

Hand Maiden Sea Silk, 'autumn'
Hand Maiden Sea Silk, 70%silk, 30%seacell, 'autumn'

Why, come on in and sit a spell! Here, let me git ya some iced tea. Sugar or Splenda?

Here's another insanely soft yarn that makes you want to get kinky with it. AND it's one that I can actually wear here in the Texas heat, yee-haw! Speaking of heat, here's a batch of Tahki cotton classic that I ordered from Cotton Clouds. They have a cotton lover's special where for thirty bucks you get a selection of mill end cotton yarns. I also ordered 10 pounds of cotton fiber from them in anticipation of my new drum carder. Yessiree, 10 pounds of summer lovin' goodness from the fields of Arizona. Economically, it made sense at the time until this honking huge box arrived on my doorstep. Excuse me while I go buy more shares of Rubbermaid stock.

So, I decided to finish a WIP for every new project I cast on. I was digging around the nether regions of project bag purgatory, when I came upon this Sideways Striped Tank that I had started back in Miami, circa 2005. This was adapted from Rick Mondragon's sideways sweater calculator that ran in Knitter's Magazine eons ago. The colors were inspired by this rug I saw in a British magazine. And I'll give three guesses as to which yarn I used....yep, more Tahki cotton classic.
Did I keep notes? Did I jot down the details from my test swatch? Did I remember anything about this project? Hell, no. So, I just picked up the crumpled copy of the pattern with a few odd numbers written down and finished it. I sewed up the seams and tried it on. Now, if you ever consider knitting a sweater sideways, please take into consideration that this thing will stretch way more lengthwise than sideways due to the nature of stockinette. I'm speaking from bitter and humbling experience, people. So I tried on this striped project from the lawn chair&awning school of design and that sucker practically drooped all the way down to Mexico. I crocheted an edge around the whole thing which just made it look even worse. I was getting really tired of this mano a mano smackdown with some friggin' tank top.

So, I took a break and got the dog neutered. Then my new 2-year old cat, Fiona, went into heat and got loose. Not once, but twice that little feline hussy escaped from the friendly confines of the yarncave. The neighbors soon became accustomed to my roaming through their yards at all hours making the kind of racket that crazy cat ladies are known for. It's amazing the amount of crap people stash behind their sheds--old wood planks, remodeling leftovers, rusty baseball backstops, empty plastic pots... and that's just my yard. I did catch that little vixen and quarantined her until she was dropped off with my new best friends at the vets. Sorted.

Newly armed with the mental toughness acquired by dealing with a randy and irresponsible teeanger, I took one look at that top and got out the scissors. I lopped off about 3 inches from the bottom and sewed on one side of some zippy black snap tape from the fabric shop. I enclosed the bottom edge with black webbing, therefore eliminating the need to weave in all 10,000 yarn ends, and left a 3-inch split on the seams for ye olde hippos.

Ooooh,ooooh, another FO! Note the singular. This sock surfaced and I finished it using the Magic Loop method which I like but not love as it does leave ladders(until you stretch the dookies out of the sock). It's a standard sock pattern with eyelets thrown in, alternating every 4 rows. So, mark your calendars for its mate to show up sometime in 2008. Unless it gets loose and goes into heat or something.


sgeddes said...

What a great post. I'll have a glass of tea - but no sweatner. I guess I'm not really a southerner.

I love the tank it looks great on you! I like the picture of you lecturing the flamingos!

And the mufifn tin of yarn? Love it!

Hilde C. said...

Hahahaha, great post! The tank looks great – the colours on the cotton are just beautiful - and the sea silk makes my mouth water :-)

HPNY Knits said...

tea, also no sugar thanks. LOL!
I love Sea Silk. the colors of the cotton are gorgeous!
I LOVE the sideways top, and what a clever solution! it looks nice and cool- and matching shoes! you are the best!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

That yarn is beautiful and your projects look fantastic!

turtlegirl76 said...

Hee! You're too funny. Great pr0n shots to start off with then a real funky tank! Way to save it!

Zonda said...

Great save on the tank! I love what you used to trim it with! Nice looking sock too.. Oh, sugar please! :)

Beautiful sea silk and cute way to pose the cotton classic. You must give your neighbors quite the laughs when you are out and about on the cat rescue missions!

JulieLoves2Knit said...

OMG - I LOVE the socks - they are tooooo cute! So can you share the pattern for the leg - the rest I can figure out. What yarn did you use?

Robin said...

Sugar, and lots of it. Lovely sea silk, sock, and tank. Poor kitty... can't get no lovin'.

Garngamen said...

Fantastic! Again. Love the muffin-yarn. And that sweat silk to get kinky with.. I so get you there. And - Fab sock and fav sweater. I think you did it GREAT: And - I will not be coming to Texas (sorry), for awhile. All postponed for now. Sounds like a great vacation coming up for you though... So No sugar (but milk) or plain Green sencha tea. THat is sweet anyway. I also have one sock, and one mitten. that is why scarfs and hats are better. They are one. Take care my friend!

Batty said...

Oh, I'm definitely stopping by for a gander and some yarn muffins! The tank is cute, but the sock... I love the way the lacy part works with the stripey part, it's a thing of beauty!

tatjana said...

Girl, you just made me drool on my keyboard! I love your silk and cottons, just my colours. And I am nutty for the tank top, if I weren't in the process of getting rid of more than half my stash I would be gathering up my leftovers to make one. But I'm sure once I'm settled in Canada it won't be long before the stash is growing again ;)

Marji said...

what a great idea to stitch up the striped tank as if it were knit yardage instead of shaped knitting. Looks great!
Love the muffin tin photo, Love the single sock - why I don't knit socks!! Single sock syndrome. LOL
And there seems to be something a little overboard about having to ressurect a UFO for every cast on. I don't know...I'll stand on the sidelines and watch on that one.
Altogether an amusing romp through your neighborhood too. :)