Friday, July 20

My Bag of Tricks

It's not been all fun and games here at chez Mary. First, I finally finished the 'Granny Pentagon' aka baby gift for an old friend. (Tahki Cotton Classic, size 8 needle, er, crochet hook.) I thought I was done with that when I got to thinking about this baby's older sister sobbing uncontrollably at the cruelty of a world that has no knitted love for her. Sooo, I started this sassy little top-down raglan to appease my sibling jealousy conscious. Where did I get the inspiration for the stripes? Just look at that table runner and the espadrilles. Who needs stinkin' originality? Reinvent the wheel all you want, I've got a sweater to finish.

My Vacation Photos: Provencal Prints and Garments

This special edition of my factory warehouse purchases is for that stasher extraordinaire, Knit Me a River.(Her dog and mine have the same stuffed duck chew toy--that's what really bonds us knitters--mine, uh, Chuy's is missing the head btw) I didn't buy any fabric by the meter because I have a truckload moldering in my fabric stash--fat quarters for a French Braid quilt, lovely terracotta and cream patterns for a dining room in a former apartment and the usual suspects that make you ask why after a long cooling off period.

These are the cheapo shirts I got for about $7 bucks apiece. They're 100% cotton and have long tails that cover my huge bum in a most decorative manner. I know I look like a tablecloth from behind, but I can't see myself from that angle. So, la ferme!

Here we have the four bargain priced flounce skirts all in variations on the same pattern. It's a good thing I graduated from high school in 1981 and still believe a little flounce does wonders for the knees and calves. No, I'm not wearing fishnets and headscarves with these, girls. Let's update an oldie but goodie with these nylon/lycra print pull-on pants. Once I've chopped them off and turn them into Bermudas or clam diggers, all I need is a pack of menthols and a beehive.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a collection of espadrilles that I replenish every year at the 8 a Huit (the French keep shorter hours than 7-Eleven) in Mausanne les Alpilles. Yeah, they may get a little stinky by May or June, but they can't be beat for house shoes/slippers/gadding about. I spotted these striped marvels on the Ile St. Louis in Paris and nabbed them forthwith. Along with some salted caramels from Brittany to soften the blow of big city prices--about $30 each pair, but look at those stripes. Sigh.

And here is the biggest surprise of the week. My spinning sp sent me another wondrous box of goodies and it turned out to be Momma-Monkey(Knittyhead) in Hawaii which means dark chocolate covered macademias. They're now a happy memory strolling down my gastrointestinal tract. I once had a bottle opener from Maui(trip circa 1992) and now a souvenir keychain! I am such a magpie and this appreciation comes from hours spent in drugstores as a kid. Oh, the possibilities, the choices--it took hours for me to make my mind up. And, now, I get all the fun without the angst. Only a bouquet of roses will do for you, my dear!


sgeddes said...

I love the espidrilles and the striped sweater!

I think those shirts and the skirts are great. The prints are wonderful. I love the colors. Thanks for showing!

lobstah said...

The blanket and the striped sweater are so cute! And all those fabrics--talk about eye candy.

Batty said...

All those pretty pictures! I love the espadrilles, the fabrics, and that striped top down sweater is cute. Cute is better than original and not cute.

Annie said...

Ah Mary, you are so funny, Love the bag photo!

Anonymous said...

Tag back! (That only took what, 6 weeks?) So sorry I've missed this year's France frenzy. Miss you too! Hoping for a Sunday off before the end of August.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to comment-flood you, but I forgot to leave you my new blog address!