Tuesday, August 21

T Minus ?

I've been trapped in a lost Twilight Zone episode titled "The Neverending Summer." Thanks to the Austin Independent School District, our school calendar has been pushed back 2 weeks giving all the kids more time to inflict themselves on the frayed nerves of their parents. Last year, the boys went to camp, got home and promptly started school four days later. Good times.

(Insert humorous 50s black and white photo of perky housewife here.)

Now, I'm waiting seven days until my hellspawn return to the municipally funded institution created for their education. We have already seen The Simpsons Movie and today we hit the latest Harry Potter at the Imax theater. The 3-D special effects didn't happen until the last 20 minutes, so save yer money. When we got home, I had them hunt for sticks in the backyard to make wands in a fit of inspired craftiness. Shouts of "Expecto Patronus" and "Abracadabra" reverberated around the house. If I had a patronus at this moment it would be a shrieking bat out of hell while the boys' would be Itchy and Scratchy.

(Insert creepy black and white photo of Frankenstein's bride here.)

I managed to escape a couple of times and treated myself to some shopping. Watching the clock, drumming my fingers on the kitchen table, waiting for 9:45 am so I can bolt and the shops will be open. My first outing was a trip to the Neiman-Marcus' perfume counter with Robin for a big sniff-off. We're both scent queens and I even had a list that I had gotten from Basenotes.
Our main goal was to reevaluate the house of Guerlain. I speak French, but not Guerlain. She loves it and for more detailed notes, please check out her blog. I do like Samsara when there's snow on the ground--I caught a whiff of it once on a woman's fur coat dusted with snowflakes in an elevator. The rich ylang ylang/sandalwood/tonka mixed with the metallic ice and slightly animal scent was amazing and, no, I don't swing that way. (think Julie Christie/Lara in the sled with Zhivago at Varykino)

Anyhow, I digress. We had two salespeople to help us (it was that early) and they trotted out a couple of bottles of Creed. Oh my. Millesime Imperiale has a wonderful crushed leaf verbena with bergamot that draws down to a light iris, with a tangy sillage. Score. Then they sprung Tabarome on me. It's got a ginger green lilt that immediately draws down to a leather/cigar combo with a hint of bergamot. There's a wee touch of patchouli that perfectly balances out the tobacco in the sillage. Just bring on Ian Richardson in "House of Cards." So, I was all done for the day until a bottle of Hermes' Kelly Caleche eau de toilette caught my eye. Normally, I'm not a big fan of redos/sequels on scents and I actually prefer Equipage, but this takes a little something from Caleche and makes it completely different. It starts with the teeniest tiny hint of green guava and then immediately shifts to a very restrained rose/mimosa vibe with some leather cropping up later. Ask Robin, I'm veddy picky about any rose scent and this one won me over. S0me people may think that it's too restrained (low sillage)--I think that if Hermes comes out with an eau de parfum, they'll change their minds. (I bet this is what the young journalist wore in "House of Cards.")

(Insert picture of Mary, Mary being pushed off the roof of the British Parliament here).

I won't bore you about the shopping trip where I got fitted for a bra and flunked another grade. But I will say thanks to all my Sunday knitting posse for turning up to support Mr. Mary's chat at the bookstore. And I will say a big woohoo and thanks to HPNY for naming me a rockin' girl blogger. I plead diplomatic immunity on naming anyone else, but I'm quite pleased all the same. THANKS!



Hilde C. said...

Ginger, leather, rose - you really must be a scent queen! My nose is now blushing and hiding itself in shame, because it can only sniff "good" or "bad" ;-) Hm, I think I've got some sniff training to do :-)

maxine said...

i have an overly sensitive nose and tend to the lighter fragrances. Vera Wang is my current fave and I have recently discovered Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist. Personally, I like the yarny undertone of the latter, but really have no other scent derivitives in mind. Makes me rather pedestrian, I'm afraid, to just say I like them because I like them.

Annie said...

I'm a Chanel girl myself, though mostly these days I smell of diapers and bad breath. This perky momma needs a shower. As always, you crack me up! Could you teach the boys how to knit?!?

tatjana said...

Sign me up for the bat outta hell patronus lol! Mmm, I like your scent descriptions, very titillating...I'm a citrus girl myself, so I wear Issey Miyake, becuase I have trouble finding a perfume that has the fresh type of scent I like. I had to look up sillage....so that's what all the German women are trailing behind them... ;)