Monday, September 24

Let's take a stroll through the garden and look for signs of fall since it's practically freezing outside with the thermometer reading 86 degrees F.

The guards have donned their formal uniforms for the occasion.

Thanks to an extremely rainy summer, there are crab spiders all over the place. (Gasteracantha cancriformis)

Plumbago, Meyer lemon, hibiscus. You silly plants, don't you know that summer's over?

I planted you from a packet of seeds I bought in Japan and I don't even know what you are. Domo origato for the long lasting blooms.

What's that ruckus? Oh dear, the flamingoes have run over to the fence to watch the construction next door. I have told them repeatedly to stop bugging the workers for scraps when the taco truck drives by.

And here we have a crab spider sucking the brains out of a fly.

And here we have a McMansion sucking the morning light out of my garden.


Hilde C. said...

The McMansion is a pitty. I guess you have to teach those flamingoes to protest against the building instead. Make them march up and down with big banners ;-)
I'm glad you liked the vegetable salt :-)

lobstah said...

I like your penguins. It may be hot there but at least you have pretty flowers. Although the McMansion may end up killing them by light deprivation, I guess.

JulieLoves2Knit said...

McMansion may be sucking the sunlight - but at least you still have sun and therefore blooms. Winter arrived yesterday - fresh snow on the mountains. Cool - time to really knit and not feel guilty!!

nnhoffman said...

YOU ARE HILARIOUS.................... Everything....Tyvekistan??!..I'm surrounded in San Antonio, the flamingos, and, oh, yeah....THE happy the big guy went up for the game today, so I had some peace & quiet on a Saturday for a change! Hope they beat Nebraska, or, Houston, will we have a problem!! Keep up the inspired musings.

nnhoffman said...

And, the GIFT WRAP.....touche!!