Friday, October 5

YPF and then some

Handspun merino(?), 20 gms=100yds. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Regia Kaffe Fassett, col. 4261

This is a pair of Naughty Monkey flats that I bought for $2 on the sale table at a local boutique. Sometimes, I think it's my role in life to rescue the fugliest sale items, find all of the orphaned skeins buried deep in the discount bin and pick yarn in the worst colorway imaginable to keep them from their pending doom of oblivion--that perennially dusty corner in the shop where everything has been picked over so much that the labels are all tatty. I call it The Land of the Misfit Fug. Personally, I like these shoes--they make me laugh with their goofiness. That's why I'm wearing them right now with my yellow La Tejedora t-shirt and jeans.

Last night, we saw "A Ride with Bob", the musical about Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys and there was a trio of fiddlers called The Quebe Sisters who are not only crack fiddlers but great singers as well. I bought their CD in the lobby and they all autographed it, plus their guitar player Joey. Great show, gals!
This cd is the perfect soundtrack for reading all about Ree and Marlboro Man.


My friend, Renee, is moving to Dallas and bestowed upon me the honor of babysitting her mother's extensive collection of knitting patterns from The Hamlyn Publishing Group. The company is based in England, but apparently published these patterns in a series of packs in the early 1980s.

"Starmore, MacShmarmore. This bleedin' sweater pattern will never sell."

(just for you, Robin)

"It was Evangeline Henry's solemn duty to break the color barrier for African American models in the knitting industry. Sipping Listerine was a small price to pay."

Sixty years later, Ms. Starmore has the last laugh until...
"Uh, Miss Rashad, Mr. Cosby thought it would be more wholesome if you wore matching sweaters. Miss Rashad? Miss Rashad, please put the ashtray down. Aaaaaaiiiieeeee!"


Robin said...

I really needed that laugh today! Thanks!!

Avrienne said...

I love the shoes, actually...I long to be brave enough to wear funky shoes, all mine are very nice but very, very ordinary.

Garngamen said...

Wow - every time I visit you it is better than a night on the town. What photos, what lyrics.. I chuckle at your wits. Navajo Churro, Now Im drueling.... You are amazing!

Annie said...

A picture of you wearing those shoes, please!

Renee said...

Your friend Renee is still amazed at the beautiful, stunning, amazing, kimono jacket that you and Robincat created for me. Talk about feeling dang skippy special. Lord, I will miss all my Sunday knitting buds. I will also be extremely pissed if ever you venture towards the land of big D and don't come and see me.