Tuesday, November 13

And What Do You Do?

I was recently asked this question on one of those rare occasions when I wear something dressier than a t-shirt that still fits, slap on some warpaint and venture forth from the friendly confines of my zip code after dark. The occasion was the annual cocktail party for the authors at the Texas Book Festival and I was accompanying my husband as 'the author's wife.' A woman professional (as opposed to a professional woman, nudge-nudge) looked at me expectantly.

"I'm a stay-at-home-mom, I knit and then I blog about it."

That pretty much delegated me to the seventh circle of cocktail party hell as she gave me a funny look. And I don't mean funny ha-ha. It's ok, you hear the best gossip from the seventh circle regulars as they have nothing to prove.

This topic has been addressed by many sahms, knitters and stitchers, but it still happens to all of us. Later, I realized that I should have used a more grandiose description, something like:

"Oh, when I'm not multi-tasking domestic arrangements as CEO for a small privately-owned family with a full-time dog and a part-time cat, I'm a fiber artist working on stitch definition, wraps per inch and a photographic portfolio based on my blog."
Handspun/dyed merino/tencel
Handspun and dyed merino/tencel
Handspun/dyed merino/tencelI have about 600 yards of this that I've dyed with Procion and Wilton's. It's being overdyed now to color the tencel. I plan to ply it with this:
Handspun/dyed seacell/merinoHandspun/dyed seacell/merino
Handspun and dyed seacell/merino.
I bought the seacell on eBay from this seller who lists it periodically.

It's true that the Wilton's black icing color separates and comes out a deep blue purple. I overdyed this with some orange and brown to knock off the blue tones. The seacell/merino is wonderfully soft and very slick to spin up. I have some more that I plan to spin up as a sportweight yarn.

The DH has gone to Miami and New York for a few days. House rules and dietary restrictions are greatly relaxed and all hell breaks loose.
Hey, Cupcake! cupcake stand, Austin TXBefore setting off the smoke alarm last weekend during my kid's sleepover and having the security company talk me through manually shutting off the system with a phillips screwdriver because I forgot both our password and passcode while the boys continued playing Halo Three, I picked up some really great cupcakes at this groovy spot on South Congress Ave. It's called Hey Cupcake! and I recommend the Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting. Oh, and they're just across the street from Hill Country Weavers, so you can kill two cravings with one trip.


Hilde C. said...

I just love the grandiose description! :-D And I do love the colours of that yarn, it's really beautiful :-)

turtlegirl76 said...

Handy! Gotta love a bidness that operates out of an airstream trailer.

Lovely yarn pr0n btw. I'd give you an "A".

HPNY Knits said...

ha! its all in the packaging- just how you present it. either way, the yarn s stunning!

Lauren said...

Those cocktail party people don't know what they are missing!

Love the yarn, it will look really awesome plied together!

ceci said...

What do you expect from strangers at a party that has the words "cock" and "tail" both in the name?

Hey, have you heard about the get together at the Knitting Nest on Tuesday night (the 20th)? There'll be a potluck, a white elephant style $5-10 skein swap, and a 10% storewide discount. It starts at 6:30ish. I can't get there that early, but I'll be there. ;) Here's an e-vite:


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

The colours in that large photo = stunning! I love beyond words...