Friday, November 16

Old Dogs and Tricks

handspun/dyed merino sw/seacell plied with merino sw/tencel
Handspun and dyed merino superwash/seacell plied with merino superwash/tencel

It's done and I'm pretty pleased with the final yarn. I made it a thick and thin bulky weight(well, more deliberately than what happens usually) which makes for a challenge when plying the two different weight singles. It wasn't until after I had set the twist that I thought I'd take another look at The Spinner's Companion for any tips. Wow, I hadn't looked at this book in 6 months and realized that I actually understand what they're talking about. I can't say that I'm any good at it, but there's a few tricks in the old dog yet. A lightbulb went off...handspun/dyed merino sw/seacell plied with merino sw/tencelSpinning is like driving a stick shift. I doubleclutched some handspun a couple of weeks ago by plying it twice, or rather resetting the twist in the plied yarn for more tension. And then, on page 74, it says you can correct excess twist by 'unspinning' a section by slowly treadling in the opposite direction or respinning the whole bobbin the same way onto another one in more dire cases. I'd been killing myself adjusting ratios, the brake band and weighting down skeins to counteract various kinks when, in reality, it's just like forward and reverse. Like aha! and duh!
Gee, I wonder what nuggets of wisdom I've missed in the Dyer's Companion.My handspun at GaugeI felt good enough about the quality of this batch that I took it over to Gauge to be sold on consignment. Three cheers for the Gauge gals! Yep, my babies have gone out into the big world. And if they do come back home in 3 months, well, that'll be a dry run for when Tex and Bandit get out of college.
Not as much as I'd like, since I had to frog a sock back to the gusset. There was some cussin' and then some more. That sock now lives in my purse and has been to guitar and fiddle lessons and the 5th grade music class presentation of 30s showtunes. It's a musical sock. Go take a looksee at the gorgeous sweater Hilde made with the Elann Peruvian Uros Aran I destashed last year.

Here's the wonderful librarian at the boys' school dressed up as Mr. Margorium for the annual PTA book fair and doing her bit to "Keep Austin Weird."

Every little bit helps...;)


Hilde C. said...

I don't understand much of what you write about spinning, but I can definitively see that the yarn is gorgeous.
I'm planning two more sweaters with the Uros Aran. It's such a lovely yarn :-)

Batty said...

Lovely yarn!

OK, I admire children's librarians. I really do. I know of one who almost got arrested because she was running around outside in a superhero costume. Fortunately, the town police knew all about this and told the concerned citizen that it was just their children's librarian on her way to story hour!

Garngamen said...

Not long ago you were a "beginner spinner" and now you master it to the point of putting it up for sale. I must say impressed is not enough to capture how I feel about that,, in AWE, amazed! Great yarn, great spun. Looks smooth and even wow! Contragrats....

Lauren said...

That yarn looks really lovely!

Ceci said...

Mary, that yarn is gorgeous! Hm, I think there's a yarn crawl scheduled for Saturday... ;)