Friday, February 1

Back on Track

Come and get yer yarnpr0n!
Panda Wool, col. 0441 chocolates
Panda Wool, col. 0441 'chocolates'

Louet KidLin worsted, 'candy apple'
Louet KidLin, 'candy apple.' (the true color is a lot more muted)

dudley spinner fiber, col. 'archie'
Dudley spinner wool blend, 'archie' colorway (I think)

Wacky Ways to Control Your Destiny
Doc Martens with Murakami stickersPut Murakami stickers on your old Doc Martens and stomp out that bad mood(and a few cockroaches).

Buy a new iMac with an external hard drive, extra memory and updated software and get a new hard drive installed in the old iMac. Surprise your kids with their very own fun machine while you swoon over the temporarily empty desktop on your 20-inch monitor. Just smile when the 'clean room' data retrieval guys tell you that the dead hard drive is a hopeless case.

Panda Wool, col. 0441 chocolates, smoke ringBuy sock yarn and dare to not knit socks. This will be the Athena Smoke Ring from "The Knitting Goddess."

P1182648Start the Malabrigo capelet, add Noro Silk Garden and decide to turn it into a cardigan. Will it work? Will it even fit? Boy, the suspense is really killing me on this one.

P1302661Grab that old Rowan Biggy print sweater that makes you look like a human tea cozy and frog it. Hmm...future felted bag or something else?

Give your husband and kids a private cooking class with a Thai chef for a Christmas present and enjoy a great dinner.

Gasp in amazement when your kid announces that he got a blue ribbon for his science project.

Listen to your pets snore and imagine what they're dreaming.

Finish your Noro sock and show it off to your family only to hear them each howl, "And where's the sweater/socks/quilt that you promised to make me?"

and finally....

Get out the camera with the macro lens and take yarn pix. 


Trillian42 said...

Oh my. That Panda Wool? I could totally dive into that picture. FABulous!

And your Docs look awesome. I love the stickers! Very "I can kick your ass, but I'm still a girl."

Sarah said...

Hehe.. love the new iMac! I just got a 24" about a month ago :)

sgeddes said...

Glad you are back! Looks like you are busy busy!

Hilde C. said...

That yarnpr0n makes me feel happy :-) I'm glad to hear you like the vegetable salt :-)

Garngamen said...

Druel.... Again. All these projects..

turtlegirl76 said...

Mmmm....that candy apple is so soft looking! Great pics!