Wednesday, February 13

Climb Every Mountain

Alpine Shrug, Rowan #42. Made with Rowan Biggy Print and trimmed with Twinkle Soft Chunky using size 20mm/US36 needles. aka Swatchzilla

I had frogged the Human Tea Cozy and the sight of a giant ZipLok bag full of Biggy Print just bugged me. I really think I should try that with my more neglected yarns--put them in a big plastic bag and leave it in the middle of the floor just waiting for me to get tired of stepping around it. Anyway, I went on Ravelry and was checking out the patterns when I came across the Alpine Shrug from Rowan #42. Aha! Eureka! and Gotcha! all went off at once because I already had the magazine and the yarn. It was meant to be. So what if the original pattern calls for Rowan Big Wool and size 15 needles? I had a pile of Biggy Print and some bodacious Addi circulars that look like they're connected by surgical tubing. I'll just supersize it!
42 inches square

I cast on the first stitch last Saturday and went into a frenzy of obsessed feverish knitting better known as The BNZ (Big Needle Zone). I managed to bang out the fourth and last motif on Sunday at my SnB group. Since we meet at Gauge, I conveniently picked up the fuchsia Twinkle Soft Chunky as I was pretty much out of the Rowan. I worked the last 6 inches of each motif in the Twinkle and then crocheted them together.

FYI--I would have added a regular K or P stitch before each row of the motif pattern. Normally, you start each row with a YO. My YOs were bigger on the knit side than the purl side and that extra stitch would have made more even YOs and easier seaming.

I stitched up the side seams and tried it on. Whoa, Nelly! This wasn't Alpine, it was positively Himalayan. The total combine weight is 2.5 pounds(1100 gms), most of which immediately sank to the location of my bum. The front view makes me look like a postergirl for a fire insurance company. I can see the TV commercial now:
  "When your stash burns, what will you save first?" intones the voice of Morgan Freeman as the camera cuts away from my burning house to a shot of me wrapped in this HUGE knitted swatch tearfully watching the yarncave erupt in flames. The DH and the boys are in the background, clutching their iPods and Swiss army knives. A sooty teardrop trickles down my cheek as a neighbor hands me a hot cup of coffee. 
  "Yarn, needles and hooks can be replaced, but not your Finished Objects. Choose wisely, choose State Yarn Insurance."
This is a pear tarte tatin that I made using the recipe from the The French Farmhouse Cookbook, substituting pears for apples. It's how I reassure Mr. Mary that I still love him. This is not all that complicated, but it is time consuming (a PITA if you ask me). The only tricky bit is when you have to invert the tarte. In my case, this involved a really hot 10-inch cast iron skillet holding the tarte, a plate and bulky oven mitts. I hate this manouever almost as much as those YOs in the shrug. I gamely made the awkward flip and heard something pop in my wrist. Yep, a minor sprain or something. Ok, fine, YOU go place a plate over an iron skillet and flip it over with oven mitts. I'll be the one having another bite wrapped up my toasty new lap rug.


Batty said...

I love the enormous shrug/swatch/blanket thing! It looks warm and soft and like something you can drape and tie into different shapes.

And that tart makes me drool. Pears, yum.

Annie said...

Ok but I bet that thing is really cozy for curling up and knitting/reading/eating tarts. :-)

JulieLoves2Knit said...

It would be conveniently draped over my chair for those chilly evenings - it looks so does the tart - yum!

katfoster said...

Hi Mary. Followed your blog from Knitty to look at Death Poncho 2000, which had me giggling out loud. Then, I see your human tea cozy and read your Morgan Freeman commercial and I laughed out loud! And for a mama of three (one of whom is only two weeks old), laughing out loud today was very welcome!!!!!! FWIW, Morgan Freeman is an absolutely terrifying individual...that intoning voice, bossing me around...I'll do anything he says! Just stop talking!

Garngamen said...

Shrugelishious... Yep, alpine? In texas? Sounds like you have plans gal. Heart you back!

Ava said...

the shrug is FAB-O!