Friday, February 29


Handspun ramouillet blend

Handspun Ramouillet blend from Dudley Spinner roving.

I first saw the link at Knit Me a River and found the pattern here.

Halfobi front viewHalfobi back view
I used Noro Cotton Kureyon and made a size Large. I could have gone with a Medium, but I wanted something looooose and I'm feeling a little large these days. This is one of those easy knits that involve miles of stockinette, a few episodes of American Idol and at least one democratic debate. This will be perfect for the few remaining chilly nights we have and, later, for air-conditioned movie theaters. The yarn is 70%cotton/30% wool and knitted up nicely except for the odd split when there wasn't enough twist. I may chuck the whole thing in the wash just to see what happens--it could use a little shrinkage.
Halfobi crochet detailI used some ribbon from Bouton d'Or or Anny Blatt for the crochet trim and I crocheted 2 rows of single crochet instead of one for more stability.
Donkeys & Elephants
Wowee! The primaries are just next Tuesday and Texas has been in the news more than when Baby Jessica got stuck in the well or  some guy from Midland ran for President back in 1999. We're getting all the commercials, the phone calls and various TV news correspondents reporting from stadiums, parking lots, vfw posts and the UT campus. Yep, we could be the ones to put one of the democrats over the edge literally and figuratively. My kids watch the debates and announce the play-by-play while the DH and I enjoy the first really interesting campaign year in ages. I've already voted early and can't wait to see that former Scud Stud, Wolf Blitzer, go to the big map and update the numbers as they come in. Or should I watch Brian Williams? Who's got the better graphics? Heck, who's got the cutest butt?


HPNY Knits said...

great colors for a perfect TV knitting project. but what but wait- will you knit now?

Batty said...

That's what I call happy colors. They make you smile, particularly when it's gray and gloomy outside. Great work!

Garngamen said...

Wow, amazing. This yarn "in your face effect" is amazing. You are so fab. And knitting away... great. Noro Kureyon Cotton? Things I did not know....