Friday, March 21

Sex, Crafts & Rock'n'Roll

Hanami inspired shrug: Colinette Tao silk, 'marble' with Swarovski crystal bead

Future Hanami: Malabrigo laceweight, 'Pagoda' with beads

Future Serape? Handspun/dyed merino/tencel plied with llama, 'Navajo'

Yep, that's what happened when my DH took the boys to spend a week with their grandparents in Miami. I had a whole week all to myself. Let me repeat that--a whole SEVEN days of nothing but the pure clean air of Planet Mary. The first thing I did was to go shopping. OK, the first thing I did was go back to sleep after dropping them off at the airport. And, thanks to Homeland Security, I didn't have to go into the airport and do the whole tearful hugs (of joy) thing at the gate. Nope, it was a drive-by drop-off at 5:30 am.

Later, I hit the mall, I hit the stores. I tried on 12 pairs of jeans and bought three. I went to Sephora for the first time and left with a 'beauty insider' card. I took my time and moseyed over to our local national bookstore chain store where I loaded up on steamy romancesSex, a couple of books on precious metal clay jewelryCrafts, and some new CDsRock'n'Roll. One last stop for AAA batteries and some plonk and I was good to go.

I partied with my SnB friends, I watched Leno, Letterman, Ferguson AND O'Brien.  Yarn, fiber and assorted knitting paraphernalia started to escape from the confines of the YarnCave and into uncharted parts of the house. It was a short hop from the dining room table to the kitchen and then, in a burst of Fiberfest Destiny...the bedroom with CAT in tow.

I bought some yarn online, offline and from a seedy chick down the street. I was goofing off at Gauge when I saw...Hanami. Go check it out. Go check it out on Ravelry. I love it. I love the modern look of all those eyelets countered by the geometric pattern on the other side. The closest we come to observing cherry blossoms is pulling over the pick-up truck and making our kids smile while sitting on top of a bunch of blue bonnets (lupinus texensis).

A friend of mine was complaining about her daughter's plain Jane Vera Wangesque wedding dress when I volunteered to knit up the Mulberry shawl from the Colinette 'Arboretum' book. I already had the Tao silk and Parisienne silk/mohair in 'marble' from an UFO. The bride then informed me that she would prefer a 'toreadita' aka 'bolero' aka 'shrug' to a shawl on her shoulders. I had already started the back with Barbara Walker's Vertical Lace Trellis from Book 1. I worked a few rows from each of the various Hanami charts and voila! the Hanami inspired shrug. 


turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh It's gorgeous! Way to work with the bride on that one. I'da been tempted to say "fuck that I've already started the shawl, so a shawl you shall get - and LIKE IT!"

lobstah said...

Oh wow, that shrug looks like it's going to be so amazing and gorgeous!

Lauren said...

Wow it sounds like you've been having some fun!

The shurg turned out really well! I'm glad you were able to convert it from its original shawl form. :)

Trillian42 said...

Oh, that's GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see the Future Hanami - I love the color you are using.

Batty said...

Lovely! Yarn and beads, my favorite combination.

And I agree with turtlegirl76: you are diplomacy and tact personified. If you ever need an appreciative recipient for handknits or handspun or any of that good stuff... you know where to find me! : )

Patrizia said...

As someone who has also been on the receiving end of your largesse, I simply stand in awe at your kindness. Not to mention the mere fact that you can knit something up, then change it, and have it all fit beautifully in no time at all. If I didn't love you, I would have no problem at all hating you out of pure envy. OK, not hate, not really. But geez, throw a girl a bone every once in awhile and be a little less dang perfect!!!

Garngamen said...

Im so glad I have met you in London! And Im sure that Bride will be the happiest Bride.. OMG, that is such a beautiful creative way to solve the request. Amazing. Great on you. Love the back, the yarn the bead-edge.