Tuesday, April 15

Barking Mad

Keith Haring sweater frontKeith Haring Sweater front, Classic Elite Newport Light, yarn discontinued
(I came of age in the late 70's and there were a lot of wildly creative people running around New York City. I remember seeing Keith Haring's images all over downtown Manhattan buildings while syringes littered the streets. Well, we all grew up in a hurry and I still think of those beautiful crazy creative boys who died before we even knew what they had.)

Bandit, aka "Squeaky Wheel," was promised a sweater and this is what he's getting. I bought half the yarn heavily discounted at Gauge and the rest on eBay. We are still having chilly mornings, so he may get to wear it this spring. It's wide enough that it should be fine for a couple of years.

"Barking Mad" is British slang for bonkers, bats in the belfrey and a pooka lover. 

Martha's Vineyard Fiber Fest
I recently bought a spinners' share of the Fall shearing from the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm. Please, go ooh and aahhhh over those darlin' kids--who can resist Saffron and Sassafras? I defy you not to crater at the very sight, unless you have your own farm and you're thinking dinner. I may be a rancher's granddaughter, but this is the closest I'm getting to livestock in the foreseeable future. And so I was idly perusing Susan's blog, when I saw the link to the Fiber Fest and one thing led to another. This translates into my DH owes me big time for all the business travel he's had lately, so it's my turn to run off. And run off I will this weekend.
The IRS, Taxes, and Why I Could Never Be French
Our accountant informs me that I overpaid my taxes and I'm due for a refund. This is what happens when your Depression-era mother(born in 1931) raises you to hoard, hide and save all the extra cash that you have. I don't clean my plate, I never save rubber bands or string, but I send that check to the IRS like clockwork, honey. This is completely opposite to the financial gymnastics that the French practice as a national sport. Don't believe me?
I celebrated this windfall by trotting off to Gauge with my SnB group last Sunday. It was my tenth purchase which enabled me to enjoy a discount and the acquisition of 5 skeins (300 yds) of Jade Sapphire 12-ply cashmere in "Burnished Gold." And that, thanks to Ravelry's pattern search, became my 'Reversible Winter Capelet.'  I cast on for a 20-inch neckline (I'm old enough to know better) and lengthened the arms and body by a few inches. This is a very fast knit and really quite perfect for using up a smallish bit of bulky yarn. This 12-ply cashmere is insanely thick and rich, like clotted cream and scones in Devon. (Strawberry jam on top) FYI--this piece is unblocked due to FO exuberance.
Reversible Winter Capelet

Reversible Winter CapeletHere we have the chair of "The Barking Mad Ladies' Garden and Knitting Social Club" preparing for the Summer Bee Line.
"My Loteria" Platter
Quick plug--here's a groovy platter designed by Cristina Sosa Noriega called "My Loteria" and it's on sale at the website and HEB in Texas. Go ahead, buy some and improve your Spanish. Hijole!


Trillian42 said...

I love Keith Haring's work. So strikingly simple, and yet not.

The capelet is awesome! It looks fab on you. And that picture with the hat? WOW!

turtlegirl76 said...

LOVE the capelet! It's a great color on you and it must be so squooshy soft! The sweater is going to be cool as hell.

Bonnie said...

Love the capelet. And I too am IRS obsessed. Never a late check....NEVER!

Hilde C. said...

The capelet looks great - and so does your position on the third picture :-)

Garngamen said...

Fab capelet! You look divine in the garden. And Keith H. I was really into him while back.... guess I was visiting the apple back in the 80s. Saw a huge exhibition in Sydney in the 90s! Amazing. So there is a pattern of Keith? or you MADE it from scratch? wow, or should I say voff (the "swedish barking noice")

Ceci said...

Love the sweater! Your Bandit will be fabulous. And the capelet is gorgeous. Miss you. Wonder when I'll get to hang out again?