Friday, May 2

Color My World

Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm 70% kid mohair/30& cormo worsted. Colors from center top: Saffron, Lavendar, Cinnamon, Chili Powder, Parsley. Fabric: Martha Negley for Rowan & Westminster Pattern # MN08

Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm 70% kid mohair/ 30% cormo sport weight, color: Turmeric

We are enjoying the fleeting moments of spring before the summer heat sets in. My pelargoniums (what a magnificent word) wintered over and are ablaze with scorching hot pink blooms. It's a good thing I have a buff colored dog to offset all the primary colors in the house.

There were some fantastic sales in Martha's Vineyard, all the better to offset the $4.20 gal/gas. If you want to make yourself feel a little better, then go and check out how much the Europeans pay for gas. Gas is taxed much more heavily than here, so as a result, they have some pretty amazing autoroutes/highways without a bunch of skanky billboards for strip clubs near the county line. Oh yeah, those joints get points for clever--The Booby Trap and The Landing Strip have always been faves of mine.
Back to the sales--The Lilly Pulitzer shop had all LP sheets and fabric for 70%off, so I got two sets(3 yards each) of 300-count sheeting fabric for $30 each. I've never been a thread count junkie, but this sheet is crack, baby. And now I've chopped it up into big pieces for a queen-sized Texas star quilt. I'm using my stash of provencal fat quarters for the background.

Somehow, this columbine just showed up and is quite happy to hang out with my canna 'tropicana.' The colors are all wrong, but they're such happy bedmates that I can't separate them.

I decided to 're-ply' the turmeric mohair/cormo sport weight(re-ply on the right, original on left) and I'm much happier for it. It makes for a sturdier yarn with the same silky drape.
Pink and green--what more could a subversive retro preppie want in her suburban garden unless she decided to plant a white oleander?

Who says gardeners can't have their little jokes?
Speaking of which, Humphrey Lyttelton died this week and go check out out BBC Radio for some gems. Goodnight, Samantha!


Garngamen said...

Wow, fiberfest and yarngalore... and wonderful garden... Me and hubby laughed hard about the Greatful dead joke (yeah, I know Im a bit behind but in blog-land)... love tumeric. Love those deep rich colours. You have got a good eye for colour. And your labradoodle is so cute posing.

Batty said...

Wow, that's some beautiful yarn!

Ceci said...

Laughed at the comment about how your dog's color is good for your home's scheme. :snort:

Hope to see you and knit a few again someday -- heard things were all fun and laughter this weekend at your house. I miss you!

Marsha said...

I'm jealous of MV visit. Looks like you had a great time and came back with some good treasures.