Monday, August 11

Land, Sea & Air

This is the middle of nowhere past the BBQ joints in Elgin and before the Bluebell ice cream factory on the highway between Austin and Houston. Hell, even dogs aren't sleeping in the road. And then...

This is Yarnorama which is in Paige, TX, aka 'the middle of nowhere on the highway between Austin and Houston.' Jane and Alexandra are a couple of crazy knitters that I hang out with on Sundays. I drove and they navigated--you can't expect me to do everything, sheesh. See those shit-eating grins? Yep, we've got a couple of satisfied customers here. Let's go inside and see why.

Oh, my. It's a treasure trove of yarn, fiber, looms, wheels and all sorts of goodies. There's an adjacent cafe where the local construction guys get their sandwiches. Anyone who remembers the Diet Coke commercials will catch my drift. And, yes, there's herbal tea and cookies. And Malabrigo, Jojoland, Louet fibers, their own hand-painted fiber/yarns, wood floors, skylights and lots of good karma. I picked up some Louet 60/40  wool/linen blend fiber for spinning and then I saw the charkhas. Susan, the owner, graciously showed me how they worked and I practically swooned. They have a ratio of 100:1 and they're what Indians use for spinning cotton, linen and silk. The wheel is flat inside a wooden case and folds up into a small laptop sized box. You spin the wheel with your right hand and use a long draw with your left. She made it look effortless and...I'm on the waiting list for the next shipment.

All that excitement got us good and hungry so we paid up, loaded up and drove back to Elgin, the one city that Texas Monthly did not mention in their recent BBQ round-up. Cartwright's BBQ(formerly Crosstown BBQ) is on the main square in Elgin and they have really good barbecued chicken. Smoky, moist and falling off the bone. That, with some sauce and white bread will put you in a very happy place. Jane and Alex sampled the brisket and sausages and it looked like an 8 on the BBQ Meat-o-meter. We flipped through the Fall Vogue Knitting for dessert.

A few days later, Mr. Mary whisked me off for a weekend in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Una michelada mas, por favor.

I treated my Noro Kureyon sock to some deep sea fishing and thought I'd take the the rod myself. Woohoo! I nailed a 90-inch sailfish which was simply stunning when it crested. This unfortunate creature swallowed the hook and could not be released back into the sea which is the normal custom and my preference. As a result, it will have a place of honor in our foyer in about three months' time. I plan to knit a cover for the bill.

It was a marvelous trip until airport security confiscated my size 2 Addi turbos and a pair of size 6 Crystal Palace bamboo needles. Hellooooo, I was able to enter the country with them so why can't I leave the same way? This is the first time in 7 years that this has happened, so I shouldn't be surprised. Luckily, neither of my projects was that far along. But, pulling  the twin leaf shawl off the needles without a lifeline was, well, not pleasant. You could say I experienced "yarn rage." Even my Spanish got a little testy. I did ask them why they just didn't take the sharpened pencils out of my purse while they were at it.

I went to Gauge today, bought some new needles, and put the sock and shawl back on their respective sizes. All better. And now I'm off to bed where dreams of charkhas, cotton and glistening water await.
Should I should sign up for a yoga class?


turtlegirl76 said...

Oh God. You took a lace shawl off the needles without a lifeline? Bastards. I think i'da had a heart attack! Cool sailfish!

Garngamen said...

Wow sounds like some wonderful times yarnhunting and fishhunting there... But I agree, It has never happend to me, even if a steward try to wrestle me out of my circulars from Scotland to London once (It was too late then - I also challenged him with my pen-comment)... well Mexico then. I have been warned. Well, You is probably good but does not help. Think like this. Probably his wife needed new needles ;-) Charity!
But, what are you doing with the fish? Stuffing it? I love that you are knitting a case for the bill, that i what I need to do to after spending it all over US.... hugs! Take care.

HPNY Knits said...

I need to sit down! all this adventure- very exciting! and that huge fish!

its boohoo annoying when it is so meaning less. will they not let you mail them back? they just keep the needles. god knows why.
can't wait to see the bill cover!