Wednesday, August 6

We interrupt...

this sporadically posted blog to report that I'll be back after a whirlwind trip to Puerto Vallarta this weekend. It was a big surprise from Mr. Mary (to make up for the debacle in Belize) and I just cast on for the Jojoland Twin Leaf shawl using Sea Silk for the plane. Oh joy!
What's that? You mean it's a romantic getaway and not an excuse to knit in airports and on airplanes. Oh, come on, who wants to knit on a beach full of, you know,  sand with ice cold beverages? And no kids?

But the real news is about my field trip to Yarnorama in Paige, TX. Now,  that's my idea of a romantic getaway.


HPNY Knits said...

airports and airplanes are perfect for knitting- when the kids are not with you that is... the beach- ahhhhhh! the beach! sounds like fun!

Garngamen said...

I agree, one get a lot knitted there. And nothing is like the beach. I wondered about you when all the storms were hitting your way. Glad to hear you are alright!