Monday, September 29


Last Saturday I went to the Lone Star State Knitters' Knit Out for the first time. There were door prizes and, thanks to my friend CJ... Harry Potter sock yarn, 'Dumbledore'
I got the first one!

Harry Potter sock yarn, 'Dumbledore'
This is Opal Yarn's Harry Potter sock yarn, colorway 'Dumbledore.' 75%Superwash wool/25% polyamid, 425 m
I had no idea that there even was a Harry Potter sock yarn collection.

Now, who is special enough to get a pair of these socks?Harry Potter sock yarn, 'Dumbledore'Harry Potter sock yarn, 'Dumbledore'
Why, my favorite librarian, of course!

Wednesday, September 24

Irrational Exuberance at the Yarn Shop

Why let the destruction of the Texas coastline by Hurricane Ike and the current meltdown of Wall Street and the American economy deny me the pleasure of enjoying 25% off of my latest purchase at Gauge? Ah, the joys of being a frequent buyer. I'm doing my darned best to stimulate the local economy, one LYS at a time. Honestly, I can't imagine not knitting while watching the news these days, can you? (especially if you quit smoking a few months ago...)

I have a terrible weakness for kid mohair. Great colors, so fine, so foofy and easy to double with another yarn. It creates an instant halo and warmth to any garment IF you aren't allergic to it. I saw this colorway and immediately fell for the chalkboard effect of the charcoal grey with flecks of primary colors. I paired it with the Twinkle Cruise, a silk/cotton blend, instead of a wool yarn so I can wear this sooner than later.
Crystal Palace kid merino
Crystal Palace Kid Mohair, color 439 night lights, 25 gms/240 yds (28% kid mohair, 28% merino, 44% micro nylon)
Twinkle Cruise, color 9 black, 50 gms/120 yds (70%silk, 30%cotton)
Crystal Palace kid merinoBolero, detailCrystal Palace kid merino/Twinkle cruise bolero
I hunted around Ravelry for a pattern and saw this Drops bolero and immediately cast on. Drops Designs, 95-13.

Things are grim these days, so here a few pix to cheer you up:
Louie and yarn
"Whoa, dude, check it out! Free yarn and they don't ask for ID."

UT campusWell, hello yourself.
Austin Sunset
There's a silver lining around here, somewhere...

Saturday, September 13

Apophenia and Yarn

Here are today's random acts of patterns:
Friday night with IkeCat's Eye
fibra natura cobblestone
Hurricane Ike (check out the middle finger), Louie's eye (yep, he's a boy), and Fibra Natura Cobblestone, 100% superwash merino.

First, Hurricane Ike didn't come anywhere near us. It's 100 degrees out and sunny. My heart goes out to everybody who did go through it. Watching The Weather Channel during a hurricane is like when they do the slow motion thing in action movies--you see the same satellite image slowly rotating on a loop while somebody's gutter goes flying by your house.

Second, there was an episode last week that I refer to as 'Sexing the Kitty.' The cat was bathing itself and LuLu is a Louie and 10-4 I got a visual confirmation on that.

Third, I just saw this yarn at Gauge. It's 100% superwash merino that's milled to look like handspun which I think is an interesting development in the world of commercial superwash. What really caught my eye was their new shipment from HandMaiden. Here's the HandMaiden Great Big Sea, which is the worsted version of Sea Silk, and this 'Midnight' colorway is soooo very tempting. I've got some SeaCell (peridot) on the needles and I really like the way it feels.
HandMaiden Great Big Sea
Here's a shot of the shop, so you can enjoy all the fiber love.
Gauge in Austin TX
I have been knitting and spinning, but I'm known as the knitter who sews over at Gauge. Karli asked me to sew up a couple of things for her. Awwwwww...lucky baby!
Log Cabin baby blanketBaby blanket
Louie is actively campaigning for Palin these days....

something about dead parrots and lumberjacks.