Monday, September 29


Last Saturday I went to the Lone Star State Knitters' Knit Out for the first time. There were door prizes and, thanks to my friend CJ... Harry Potter sock yarn, 'Dumbledore'
I got the first one!

Harry Potter sock yarn, 'Dumbledore'
This is Opal Yarn's Harry Potter sock yarn, colorway 'Dumbledore.' 75%Superwash wool/25% polyamid, 425 m
I had no idea that there even was a Harry Potter sock yarn collection.

Now, who is special enough to get a pair of these socks?Harry Potter sock yarn, 'Dumbledore'Harry Potter sock yarn, 'Dumbledore'
Why, my favorite librarian, of course!


JulieLoves2Knit said...

Thanks - I am "considering!!"
best wishes from "whoever"

Ceci said...

Harry Potter sock yarn?? But a Dumbledore sock yarn is perfect. Am sad no one ever did knit him a pair before he died... (Are you a fan? I'm a fan. Geeky, I know.)