Thursday, October 9

Life's too short

I'm in the Atlanta airport waiting for a flight that I missed yesterday due to bad weather. I had planned to visit a dear friend in Spain.I had three choices: take the next flight home and reschedule, go to Miami and join the DH and kids, or take the same flight a day later. Frustrated, I asked a group of people next to me. "Go. Life's too short," a woman insisted. She was right.

I spent a wonderful day knitting at Knitch, one of the warmest,well-stocked, prettiest shops around. I, uh, started my vacation with a little 'souvenir' stash enhancement. And now I'm off to the home of Manu Chao.

So, while the economy goes berserk I'm taking a little time out from reality.


HPNY Knits said...

go and have FUN!!

Patrizia's Adventures in Knitting said...

Life really is too dang short. Have a safe flight, my friend.