Thursday, October 30

Vote Early

Undset the Undecided wants to vote early so he can touch up the highlights on his comb-over before meeting Pat, Kelly and Alex at the chalet for some aquavit.

Randy the Republican wants to vote early so he can take his magical friend, "McQuain," for a walk in the park.

Don the Democrat wants to vote early so he can work on his drum major costume.

Mary the Knitter voted early so she could make up silly captions for vintage knitting magazine covers.



Trillian42 said...

If only I had the option...

At least one of the things we are voting on here this year is being able to vote early!

Mary deB said...

Ack, I used to have that magazine! I love how all the guys need props: I may be modeling a sweater, but really, I am a real man with a slide rule/bowling ball/ duck decoy.