Tuesday, December 16

Bookshelf Quilt and a Really Big Fish

It's done!
Bookshelf Quilt, adapted from "The Modern Quilt Workshop," by Ringle & Kerr (Quarry Press, 2005) Thanks to my goofy 12-year old for the photographic assistance.

I backed the quilt top with grey fleece and skipped the batting. This quilt is intended to cover my friend's legs in her favorite reading spot, not as a major bedspread. Quilting on fleece makes for a trapunto-like effect and I'm happy with the results.

This frees me up to finish Bandit's Keith Haring/Barking Mad sweater for Christmas and to transform my newly overdyed cashmere tunic (a super steal at an outlet shop) into a coat.

Big Fish, Big Box, Big OMG

I am one of those yee-haw! Texan females who can shoot, fish, quilt, knit and crochet. This is not as talented as one might think. I had an aunt who nailed rattlesnakes with a shotgun while wearing Ferragamos and had a regular poker game on Tuesdays at noon. Anyway, sometimes I like to get on a really noisy boat, work on a sock, and go deep sea fishing while on vacation.

I caught this sailfish off the coast of Puerto Vallarta last August. Normally, it's a catch and release deal, but this time the fish smashed the bait and swallowed the hook way deep. Uh, that means he was a goner. I've caught a lot of fish and released them, but this guy was special...I killed him. He deserved to be the first, last, and only trophy I ever plan to get.
I figured they could stuff the fish and mail it to me somewhere down the road.
So, they took pictures and measurements and made me a trophy.
It turns out that they normally don't use the actual fish as the skin will deteorate with time. They either make a plaster mold of the fish or use one similar to the dimensions of the caught fish. It's set in fiberglass and handpainted, like a custom surfboard or something.

This carton arrived yesterday. It took me longer to unpack this box than it did to catch the damn fish.

I thought I'd hang a few ornaments off of it and then knit up a 'billfish cozy.'

What should I name it?


Hilde C. said...

I'm really bad at naming things, so you won't get a suggestion from me. But I have to say it looks really exotic. Not something one can catch in the fjords around here. Having an aunt like yours sounds practical, fun and a little bit scaring ;-) The quilt looks great :-)

Cyndilou :) said...

Heh - I think you should call him William. Or Spike.

Trillian42 said...

OMG, I LOOOOOOVE that quilt! And what a great idea to use the fleece - I've never thought of that before.

And holy CRAP that's a big fish! Very impressive. And I like Spike. Good suggestion!

HPNY Knits said...

girl you are a hoot!! so many talents, and so good in all. I love the quilt. beautiful. and the fish- with a knitting on its front- hilarious!

Patrizia's Adventures in Knitting said...

Mary, you are always good for at least a giggle. This post was worthy of a full on belly shaking gaffaw!!! Thanks for the ongoing hilarity. . .

Mary deB said...

I love the bookshelf quilt! I once toyed with the idea of knitting something similar, but alas, never did it.

And the fish is ... big! Spike is a fine name, but I might call him John.