Friday, December 12

Bouton d'Or organic wool
Bouton d'Or organic wool, organically dyed. 50gms total, aran weight

I came across this little egg carton appropriately titled "Mini MailleBox" (which loosely translates to "Mini StitchBox" in English) while cleaning up the "salon des arts decoratifs" which loosely translates to "craporama in the living room" in Texan. It comes with a pattern to make 6 little hats for soft-boiled eggs ("Les explications pour realiser 6 bonnets a coquetier").

C'est tres drole et malin, non?
(I ain't making no hats for no stinkin' eggs.)


Hilde C. said...

What?!? Are you really going to let those poor texan eggs just get cold and freeze?!? Where is your eggpathy? ;-)

Ceci said...

I'm giggling out loud here.

maxine said...

But it would be so Martha cute, non?