Friday, December 19

Christmas Creep Scarf

Christmas Creep Scarf
Twinkle Handknits Soft Chunky, 200gms/83 yds, black

Thanks to the ever industrious elves at Ravelry, I found this pattern when I realized 2 days ago that I didn't have my traditional gift for my kid's teacher--a handknit scarf. It was important for me to knit one as this is the last year I'll do it. I have always knitted scarves for my kids' elementary school teachers, but have opted for end-of-year gift cards for the middle school bunch. So I grabbed a skein of the Soft Chunky at my LYS, came home, looked up patterns on Ravelry and, about 4 hours later, had this ready. The pattern is my old friend, the classic Turkish stitch, and it adds a nice texture to this super bulky yarn. The size 19/15mm needles are clunky, but with only 10 stitches, you can watch Law&Order, the evening news and The Daily Show and be done. 

Question: Is it rude to send your 50-year old divorced brother's girlfriend a Victoria's Secret giftcard labelled "To: Redneck's Girlfriend, Happy Holidays from Redneck's Sister" and you haven't met her yet?
All I know is that he's disappeared off the face of the earth, he's not deer hunting.... and I thought it would be pretty funny.

Thanks for the names for the sailfish. I thought Spike and William were great, but I'm going with......

Mr. Bill


Batty said...

Lovely scarf! I've seen and groped that yarn, but couldn't think of a use for it. It's beautiful stuff, I'm sure the scarf will be a hit.

Garngamen said...

Oh dear.... knitting for the teacher.Well, you are so kind! It is fun with quick knits too. Yeah, you have been busy! Love Mr Bill! "ohh nooo..." Merry Christmas to you my dear friend. And a wonderful happy new year. Try the fruitcake. It is good. And if it is dry... just pour some more conjac, sherry or port on it ;-) Hugs! Sigrid

Hilde C. said...

What a lucky teacher - it looks like a soft and beautiful scarf :-)

L said...

Dear Mary,
I so want to be you. And that is something I would have bet I'd never say 20 years ago!
Gorgeous scarf, gorgeous quilt, send the gift card - it'll either set the tone or you'll know what cometh.