Sunday, December 28

Laissez les Bonnes Temps...

Roulez, baby!

Dateline: New Orleans
We tore up New Iberia a couple of days ago and went hogwild in the Tabasco factory giftshop on Avery Island. Now, we're in New Orleans where Mr. Mary proposed to me at Arnaud's some 21 years ago. I've already visited The Quarter Stitch in the French Quarter and I'm hitting Garden District Needlework tomorrow. I saw a lovely Adirondack bamboo/silk in the chili pepper colorway, but it's a bit pricey for my recessionista blood. Maybe one skein... For souvenir stash. Meet us at Live Bait for lunch and I'll treat you to the 99 cent red rice and beans. Profitez en!


maxine said...

Hope you are back in time for the following (I posted in the Austin meetup Rav group)and if so, hope to meet up there.

Just want to let the Austin knitters know of an event at BookWoman on January 9th. Patty Digh is doing a reading/signing at 7pm. Her blog is:

I am in no way affiliated other than being a fan of hers and excited enough to drive in from Houston to meet her that night. There are plenty of links to her book from her blog and here is a link to the story of the beginning of the blog which led to the book.

I will be in the audience on the 9th knitting and will try to remember to wear my Ravelry button. Please come say hi if you can make it! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions (I will do my best to answer).

Batty said...

Wish I could be there!