Friday, December 5

Quilts and Such

I have more UFOs than Whitley Strieber's imagination. There are cardigans, socks and shawls for me, a sweater for Bandit, patterns that have been matched to fabric or yarn, a future felted Christmas stocking now in it's third annual appearance, a granny square throw for me, a granny square throw for Anna, a granny square throw for the planet, and various items that I think I'll finish in time to sell at the local holiday craft festival next week.

Ah, well...I used to get stressed about this sort of thing and then I remembered that trick about imagining people naked. You know, the one where if you're nervous about speaking in public then imagine your audience naked. Well, my twist on this is to imagine all my projects as wild affairs only replaced by yarn and fabric...

You naughty mohair blend, behave! Ooooh, Herr Baumwolle, I'm all yours. Sturm und strang, eh? And as for you, you saucy little silk brocade, I'll see you later. Yep, I'm a serial crafter.
Lone Star in Provence
This is a quilt top that I finished last spring. It's a ginormous Lone Star with provencal fabrics around the points. I had even gone so far as to pin the top, batting and bottom layers together. This piece is 92 inches square. And there it sat in my living room. And sat. And sat. And then I looked in the yellow pages and found Legacy Longarm Quilters in nearby Georgetown, Tx. The quilt has now left the building.
Lone Star in Provence, detail As nature abhors a vacuum, I now have the mental chops to finish my Bookshelf quilt which I started, uh....awhile ago. This quilt was originally intended for my cream and black living room, but now it's the perfect housewarming/holiday throw for my friend, the librarian who can inspire any kid to read a book.
Bookshelf quilt
Some of these gifts will make it under the tree and some won't. I'll just cut a snip of yarn or fabric, tape it to a holiday card and give it to the future recipient.

UFOs:2009---here I come!


HPNY Knits said...

quilting as well? wow! the books quilt is stunning!

Batty said...

That book quilt is genius. Often, I can't figure out what a quilt is supposed to be all about, but I took one look and immediately thought, "OOoh, books!"