Wednesday, December 24

Seasoned Greetings: A Liberal Holiday Rhyme

'Tis the season to gather near
and celebrate a night so dear.
When red state and blue state, electronic vote and mail-in
welcomed Obama and said farewell to Palin

We light the candles and tend the fire,
as our economy darkens and the bills get higher.
Lion and lamb, sheep and goat,
acoustic and electric, analog and remote...
the table beckons as
we're truly grateful
for the deep discounts and sloppy seconds.
Let us grant the nattering nabobs of negativity
a place of peace in front of the Nativity.
Here's to Rachel and Keith,
Jon and Steve,
and don't forget Chris,
who helped us celebrate while Bush is in stasis.

We'll drink a toast--
better make that a double,
and thank George W. Bush for an


Happy Holidays, y'all!


HPNY Knits said...

happy holidays and happy new year! its got to be!

Batty said...

Happy Holidays to you!