Tuesday, January 22

Answer: Drink Spiked Lemonade?

Question: What do Tough-n-Easy Texan gals do when life gives them lemons?

This delightful post is coming to you from my old G3 iBook that I bought in Paris in 2000, complete with a French keyboard. And you thought I had a thick accent. The dramatic death of the hard drive on my G4 iMac (2003) last week with one kid's science project on it and the other kid's magnet school application--5 essay questions, all done and ready to go, has been only the latest in the worst streak of bad luck that I've had in a long while. Please, don't get me started....all I can say is that at one point I listened to 'Lime and Violet' podcasts for hours while it rained nonstop in the jungles of Belize. And it was chilly. And I was wore the same clothes for 5 days. And I ran out of books. And I did start a Malabrigo capelet. And the DH had a horrible cold. And we ran up a huge bar bill. And then we came home.

Really, we're just fine and dandy. I'm just waiting for the data retrieval guys to get back to me and then I can start using my kids' college fund to pay for the new G5 intel 2 GB iMac with external hard drive, extra memory, and updated software(I'm not taking any chances, did you guess). And the new hard drive(plus labor) for the dead Mac so the boys can abuse it with impunity.

Did I mention that I had a huge falling out with my oldest, dearest friend in the world? Yep, there's a man involved. Not mine, thank goodness, but this may take years to wait it out. That's ok--I've got lots of spiked lemonade.