Thursday, July 10

Pima Fresca, Queensland CollectionPima Fresca, Queensland Collection, col. 06, emerald..looks more like turquoise to me

H...E....Double Toothpicks

Yep, it's that hot already back here in the land of cherry limeades, Jim-Jim's water ice and Mexican martinis. I don't mind because I've parked my butt on the couch to watch the Tour de France and knit up Klaralund with the Pima Fresca. I've always liked the look of Klaralund and there's something appealing about knitting up rectangles into something clever, especially when you can watch cute guys in bright colors ride their bikes. I plan to modify the top for a short sleeved version, maybe with a different stitch detail since I'm using a solid yarn and not the Noro that the pattern calls for.

I know...I'm always tweaking those patterns, but I didn't in the case of Slouchy Cardigan from Greetings From Knit Cafe. Heck, I even used the yarn that the pattern calls for and everything! I started this last year and then promptly put it into time-out when I had to rip out one of the fronts after discovering the errors on the publisher's website. Grrrr.....
Slouchy CardiganSlouchy Cardigan, back
Miles and miles of stockinette, some serious wet-blocking and then poof, a wonderfully slinky classic. FYI: I made the larger size which tops out on a US size 12 and/or 42/44" bust.
Slouchy Cardigan, detail

Next up: Summer Reading!