Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials.

Elton John, circa 1975.

Thursday, October 30

Vote Early

Undset the Undecided wants to vote early so he can touch up the highlights on his comb-over before meeting Pat, Kelly and Alex at the chalet for some aquavit.

Randy the Republican wants to vote early so he can take his magical friend, "McQuain," for a walk in the park.

Don the Democrat wants to vote early so he can work on his drum major costume.

Mary the Knitter voted early so she could make up silly captions for vintage knitting magazine covers.


Wednesday, October 22

paws & effect

                                 VOTE NOW, NAP LATER

Tuesday, October 21

Y Viva Espana

Barcelona, calle MuntanerHere's the view from my friend's balcony in Barcelona.
Funeral Carriage MuseumHere's the funeral carriage museum.
Knitting in Time Out/BarcelonaHere's a naked man knitting in last week's Time Out Barcelona.
drops 95-13 boleroHere's the Drops 95-13 that I didn't wear because it was just as warm and balmy as in Austin.
Barcelona from a taxiAnd here's the view from the taxi to the airport.

Barcelona was a lot of fun but I can't give you much of a report, because I spent all of my time visiting with my dear friend Sally and her family. And, because Barcelona still observes old school business hours, we spaced out and didn't make it to her LYS which was fine as I had just spent a wonderful afternoon knitting (and shopping) at Knitch on my layover. This was a case of knowing the website before the shop. Knitch, AtlantaAnd what a charming and welcoming shop! It's well-lit with plenty of insanely gorgeous yarn, genuinely helpful staff and a big table smack dab in the middle.I picked up a skein of this sinfully soft Artyarns Cameo (75%cashmere/25%mohair) and a skein of their Beaded Mohair & Sequins (and some tasty Habu cotton boucle). I've cast on for a shawl using Harrow Stitch from the Mon Tricot guide. It's a variation of the wave stitch using double wraps around the needle for 5 stitches instead of staggering the wraps. The yarn is three singles that are very loosely plied. There's also a tavern a couple doors down that perfect for a lunch of roasted beet salad and crab cakes. You'll need to ask the bartender to call you a cab.

Artyarns Cameo

Artyarns Beaded Mohair & Sequins

Shop News:

Gauge is celebrating their first birthday this Saturday. Three cheers for Karli and Allison! And many many thanks for letting us (the North Austin SnB group) really class up the joint on Sundays. I plan to drop by with the boys in tow. Gosh, I hope there's some cake so I can bribe them to hang out for awhile.

I just found out that Artfibers in San Francisco is closing their shop in January (they will keep selling their yarns online). The DH had just brought me back three skeins (Bhutan, Oki, and Ginko) from a recent business trip and I just ordered more as they're running out of dye lots. I know, I know. It's not like they're going bye-bye forever, but it's not the same thing.

I used to travel to SF on a regular basis and I remember the first time I walked into Artfibers about 15 years ago. It was this tiny space crammed with some of the most unique yarns that I had ever seen. The colors and the fiber blends were so much more sophisticated than even the double de-luxe Adrienne Vitadini and Missoni yarns at my LYS( the now defunct Woolgatherer) in Washington DC. I thought to myself, "I am not nearly good enough to knit up these yarns." That's how stunning they were. Then I bought a few skeins and a longstanding tradition of hunting down LYS on trips began. I still have a few 'vintage' Artfibers yarns in my stash. Remember Ballet and Scottie? Yeah, me too. Here's a detail from my Da Vinci cardigan:detail As I'm quite capable of poring over every yarn on their website--one of the first really well designed shop sites, by the way--as if I'm translating the Rosetta Stone I know I won't be totally bereft.

Thursday, October 9

Life's too short

I'm in the Atlanta airport waiting for a flight that I missed yesterday due to bad weather. I had planned to visit a dear friend in Spain.I had three choices: take the next flight home and reschedule, go to Miami and join the DH and kids, or take the same flight a day later. Frustrated, I asked a group of people next to me. "Go. Life's too short," a woman insisted. She was right.

I spent a wonderful day knitting at Knitch, one of the warmest,well-stocked, prettiest shops around. I, uh, started my vacation with a little 'souvenir' stash enhancement. And now I'm off to the home of Manu Chao.

So, while the economy goes berserk I'm taking a little time out from reality.