Wednesday, November 26

Pardon the Turkey, Smoke the Ham and Relish the Cranberries

cranberry orange relish, New York Times cookbook, Craig Claiborne, 1961

I am thankful for many, many things, especially tryptophan which makes for excellent afternoon naps. Oh, and cheaper gas is right up there.

                           Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23

Christmas wish list

I would so use this sheep as a stool for my spinning wheel. And then I could drive around town with Sheep in the backseat with the windows open and become the official Crazy Cat and Sheep Lady of Austin. I'd be such a baaaaaaad-ass!

Friday, November 21

Artyarns Cashmere Sock YarnArtyarns Cashmere Sock Yarn, 50gms/160 yds, Col. 140 aka "Louie"
I'll probably use a pattern from "Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders," by Judith Durant

I recently made a little extra scratch and treated myself to this rather expensive, low yardage sock yarn all because it matched my cat. Oh yeah, like you buy sock yarn to match your wardrobe. Right. Actually, I had been obsessing about mustard green, grey and black for a sweater for Tex. Uh, not anymore... Anyway, I brought the yarn home, hid it the yarncave, cleaned the catbox as penance and connected the looks just like Louie! Yep, another nail in my middle aged crazy cat lady coffin and I'm afraid it's only going to get worse. Here's another shot as proof: Artyarns Cashmere Sock Yarn

North Austin SnBSanity arrives in the form of having my SnB group over to prove that I'm not the only one with this affliction. They don't color coordinate their pets with yarn purchases as far as I know, but they do put yarndex to shame. And I'm forced to tidy up a bit.(!)

I've been feeling extremely middle-aged lately. My 12-year old son is hotrodding around in skinny jeans and high-tops while I'm shopping for elastic waist stretch pants and shoes that can hold my orthotics. I recently bought "The Flat Belly Diet," by Liz Vaccariello and "You, On a Diet," by Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz (You, on Oprah) because I can't seem to lose the 20 pounds I've gained since I stopped smoking. Both books basically ascribe to the Mediterranean diet(olive oil vs. butter) which I embrace wholeheartedly as I pour myself a glass of red wine. But this malaise is not just about thinking like a 28-year old when you're 45. It's stuff like seeing Carla Bruni(age 41) on David Letterman and watching him play le flaneur to her breathy ingenue. Like looking at the Anthropologie catalog and realizing you'd rather analyze the cables on this sweater than wear a filmy blouse with cut-off shorts and suede boots.
Anthropology catalog cover
There is hope for us Gen Xers in the culture wars. Her name is Michelle Obama and she's married to
008: Obama, Barack Obama
Obama, Barack Obama

Tuesday, November 11

Yes We Did

I've been a wreck for the past 2 weeks. Can't knit, can't crochet and forget about sewing. I've gotten past the intermittent tears of joy stage to the 'can we have the inaugural tomorrow please' phase. Obsessively watching Rachel Maddow helps a little. It's such a terrible time globally and, yet, I feel that there's been a cosmic shift. It's not about the Democrats' majority and the Republicans' identity crisis,  the new Obama cabinet or Supreme Court fantasy picks. It's about the PUPPY, people.

I wish Tom Lehrer could write a song about this.