Sunday, January 25

Barking Mad sweaterBarking Mad sweater, back"Barking Mad" sweater inspired by Keith Haring for my slightly mad, dog loving son. The pattern is my own but I did use the Norwegian collar from Elizabeth Zimmerman. I had always been curious about that collar. I used Classic Elite Newport Light cotton which is a discontinued yarn. The orange and navy blue were purchased at my LYS while I found the white on eBay, hence the rugby shirt effect.

Malabrigo/Noro chevron cardigan and catGirl Genius here thought she could convert the top-down 'Star Capelet' (Bernadette St. Amant) into a cardigan. Well, ten jillion short rows and a couple of wonky sleeves later, I'm here to prove that you can level out the angles and still end up with something best suited for Mothra. This has been frogged and placed in the ubiquitous Ziplok bag. I'm sure I'll find something in "Knitting Noro," by Jane Ellison who I met at TNNA in San Diego. She was simply lovely and a little stunned, I think, by the sheer numbers of vendors and the legions of Noro cult members trying not to storm the booth. FYI--Noro is coming out with a lot of new colorways which means some old friends will fall by the wayside. I'm already stockpiling col. 184 in Kureyon. Go to the Knitting Fever website to doublecheck those colorways.
My old boss and old friend, Anneke(Anneke's Needleworks, Miami), and I meet up every couple of years at TNNA to goof off and place orders for the shop. She (with the help of her trusty sidekick me) loaded up at Blue Sky Alpacas who had the cutest booth at the show. Did you know that there are 37 colors in the alpaca/silk? Which means choices had to be made. We also got into a lot of trouble at Tanglewood Fiber, where the 'Newport Rocks' colorway was killing me in their beaded cashmere/silk blend.

And did you know that Louet is coming out with a vicuna blend fiber later this year? I was very disappointed that they wouldn't take my firstborn as a down payment for a bag. Other items that caught my eye were the buttons and shawl pins at Annie Adams, Alcheny sock yarn, the great looking samples knitted up from the new book, "Knit One Below," by Alexis Xenakis and the groovy felt kits from Artfelt. Last stop of the day was Tilli Tomas which is like eating the chocolate truffles after you've just had dessert in a fancy restaurant.

But did it stop there? You can order yarn at TNNA, but you can't buy yarn there. I had mentioned the Brooklyn Tweed Noro scarf to Anneke who wanted to cast on immediately. This led to us zooming all over San Diego in our friend's rental car with me frantically pulling up the map and Ravelry on my iPhone while Anneke and her daughter, Sophia, were providing the color commentary in the backseat in a knitter's version of "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride." Our choices were severely limited by who was open on Mondays. We got to The Needlecraft Cottage in record time and were out of there in less. The shop in La Jolla was closed, so we drove to the Bonita Knitting Store(only ten miles away from Tijuana!) which happened to be closed as well. We peered in through the window and were equally disappointed. I may be a yarn snob and usually I'm not a shop snob, but both of these shops had that sad, 70s dusty time-warp quality about them. Half the yarn was still in bags with a 'do not open' sign taped above with out of date pattern books in the corner and a few samples piled on a table. I have been in huge 4,000 square foot shops that have left me cold and I've been in tiny little shoeboxes that were full of charm and personality. We had just come from a building full of yarn where even the most seasoned shop owners get a gleam in their eye to chapter one in "How Not to Sell Yarn." It wasn't a total waste though. I got back to my hotel room and was treated to this:
San Diego sunset


Jannie Funster said...

You sure are a good knitter! I never did get good at it. I guess we all have our talents.

Me - I discovered a few years ago I can write songs. I am almost 45 (part of the reason for stopping by as I see we are the same age.)

And I'm also here in Austin!

Hilde C. said...

What a great pattern and sweater!
Your yarn trip sounds wonderful :-)

JulieLoves2Knit said...

I love the "Barking Mad" sweater - What a treat!
FYI - I DID take pictures - pretty different today that's for sure.
Thanks for your prayers - they all helped a ton!

Garngamen said...

I love the Dog-sweater! You have a lucky son! Great. Absolutely GREAT....!